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Title:10 Bizarre Hybrid Animal That Actually Exist

Top 10 Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist In The World!

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For centuries, people have been interested in the profound effects of selective breeding.
Whether it be for sport, utility, or fun, selective breeding has always been a hot topic of debate
amongst its supporters and detractors. Sure, the use of selective breeding can bring about
desirable changes in a species, but at what cost? Today on Top 5 Best we’ve found 10
animal hybrids that you won’t believe exist. Some are so random they seem like a 3 year old
came up with them in a drawing. So let’s quench your childlike curiosity and get started!
10. Wholphin
what if the dolphin was part killer whale too? Luckily, the occurrence of wholphins in the wild is very rare.
In fact, there haven’t been any recorded cases of wholphins occurring naturally. The first
wholphin was developed in a Tokyo zoo but lived just 200 days. The longest living wholphin
was born in 1986 at Sea Life Park in Hawaii and is one of just two to be held in captivity.
Kekaimalu has given birth several times, although each died because of malnourishment and
stunted growth, leading to many to have strong reservations about the hybrid breeding of
Wholphins, especially after the hit documentary Blackfish raised so many questions about
animal treatment at Sea World.

9. Wolfdog
As you probably already know, all dogs are descendants of wolves. For this reason alone, it
isn’t uncommon to find a wolfdog hybrid in North America today, as the US Department of
Agriculture estimates there are currently 300,000-500,000 in captivity today. While they may
be scattered throughout the US, there are many humane societies that consider these hybrids
to be wild animals. Because of the animalistic nature of their DNA, wolfdogs are often taken to
kill shelters when owners are found in violation, mainly because authorities do not want them
to be bred again. Wolfdog behavior can be at times very similar to any other dogs’, yet at the
same time there is a constant threat of the animal acting as a wolf, leading many to highly
advise against owning one.

8. Leopon
Another animal that is unlikely to occur naturally is the Leopon, the breeding of a male
leopard and a female lion. The first one in recorded history dates back to 1910 in India,

although they have been bred in zoos for over a century. The most successful program
originated in Japan, where two litters were bred but only a few were able to survive to
adulthood. Leopons have the head of their lioness mother, yet the body and gait of their
leopard father. More often than not, they are larger and more agile than both of their parents,
making this one scary predator if it were to get out of its cage.
7. Blood Parrot
I have to admit, the only thing that is scary about this hybrid is the names of its parents and
the ethics behind its breeding. Anything that says “red devil” is enough to make you want to
do a double take, especially if it is a fish. Ethically, the hybridization of the blood parrot has
come under fire because of various abnormalities, such as a smaller mouth and vertical
opening of the mouth which can lead to malnutrition. They are also known to have been
injected with dye from breeders to make their colors stand out, a practice that has many up in

6. Yai
Crocodiles are downright nasty. With their prehistoric scales, chomping teeth, and powerful
jaws, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them during feeding time. As with other species
of animals, those that are kept captive are usually much larger and healthier than those left in
the wild. It just so happens that the largest captive crocodile in history was a mix between a
Saltwater and Siamese croc. Yai, was measured to be 20 feet long and weighed in at over
1,200kg in 2000. Measuring more than a foot longer than the largest saltwater croc, Yai is a
perfect example of how menacing some hybrids can become.

5. St. Basset Hound
This canis hybrid is just downright rude. On one hand, you have a St. Bernard; weighing in
well over 120 pounds and capable of spending an entire winter in snow up to its shoulders.
On the other hand, you have a basset hound, weighing in at just 40 pounds and standing 12
inches high. Hybrid dogs are becoming more popular by the day, but at what cost?


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