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Title:Old Travel Cooker - Restoration

Home galvanizing link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efgxa... In today's episode, we'll show you the renovation of an old travel cooker. Veronica has a new YouTube channel about cooking and baking, if you want to watch click on the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfEr... Something from history: It is a symbol of cheap travel in Czech popular culture. It is inherently one of the tramps and holidaymakers who used to cook soup from a bag in the seaside camp by the tent and the sofa furniture. Ironically, however, the portable cooker was created to make life more enjoyable for the richest. A useful tool was invented in 1849 by French chef Alexis Soyer, who at that time lived in exile in London. According to Victorian customs, the nobility liked to go out for picnics in the countryside without compromising on their comfort requirements. Quite the contrary. It was precisely the contrast between nature and the achievements of civilization that was valued, and so the noble ladies and gentlemen moved almost throughout the kitchen. But even the numerous and fully equipped servants did not provide warm food in the middle of the meadows. There was nothing to cook if you didn't want to work with an open fire like some drifters. It belongs to every handbag. But how did lipstick come about? The technically savvy Soyer, therefore, used the principle of an existing kerosene lamp to refine and customize it, resulting in a portable stove, which he called the “magic stove”. Cooking has since known no bounds. Indeed, the first to test his new invention was the eccentric marquis of Normanba. As the Dutch historian of architecture and culture Thomas A. P. van Leeuwen wrote in the American magazine Cabinet, the venerable nobleman addressed Soyer, saying he would like to cook at the height of the Egyptian pyramids with the help of his invention. More adventurers followed. Balloon Propagator Lieutenant Gale wanted to prepare a snack in the clouds with the help of a cooker, but died during an unsuccessful start before cooking occurred. Captain Horatio Austin packed a few specimens on his expedition to Antarctica. The idea of ​​the cooker proved so successful that Soyer's version soon began to be improved by various inventors and counted more and more adventurers on their expeditions. Roald Amundsen was equipped with it on his way to the South Pole, Sir Edmund Hillary ascended Mount Everest. The principle, however, remained more than 160 years since the production of the first specimen, essentially the same, only eccentric nobles replaced campers and cauldrons. Source: https://www.lidovky.cz/relax/zajimavo... If you have any cleaning information, you can share it with others on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/95173... If you have any questions about the process, use machines or other things, ask me in the comments. I try to answer everyone and as soon as possible. I'm sorry for my bad English, it's not my language. I'm uploading videos about recovering mechanical things. I'm uploading videos about restoring old wooden things. Share and send if you like this recovery :) Thanks for your advice on how to improve this channel! youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/veradona1 action index:


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