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Title:Wrong Turn Himalaya 🇳🇵

■ NEPAL, HIMALAYA: After nearly freezing my Norse stones off during what was the coldest night on record in my 14 500+ days on planet earth, I set out in direction of the Langtang mountain valley. As soon as I had started though, a dilemma arose. The people at my hotel had all told me to stick to the path on the left side of the river. So did my friend and Himalayan trekking expert (and YouTube colleague) Gabriel Traveller who did the Langtang trek a couple of years ago. Two locals I met at the start of the trail however said I need to go on the right side as a landslide during monsoon season had tore up the path on the left bank along the Langtang river. A fifth person I met right at the start or the valley even pointed to a third path that didn't even run along the river. What to do? I have a saying in such situations which have served me well over the years. It goes a little something like this: When in doubt, Go Right! I hesitated though as a wrong choice at this stage would mean, A) worst case scenario I'd be in for a truly dangerous trek or B) I'd waste hours walking in the wrong direction only to have to turn back at some stage After pondering said dilemma whilst standing on a scenic Himalayan hanging bridge I opted too..... ■ YouTube has made the dislikes private which means it's now actually quite important, if you want your favorite creators to thrive, to hit the 'Like' button. This drives engagement, makes the video more visible in the YouTube algorithm and thus drives more views its way. This is how a channel grows. Only 3% of viewers actually bother doing so. I greatly appreciate all of you who help me out by liking my videos 🙏 ■ FOR UPDATES FROM THE ROAD FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/HeraldoBaldieri


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