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Title:SIMPLE & EASY-Kill All Your Pesky Rodents without poison or snap traps: As easy as making a PB&J

🐀 Tired of varmints invading your house, chewing up everything, ruining your furniture, food supplies, vehicle wiring, vents, appliances like fridges, washers, dryers & anything else they can get into, not to mention spreading feces, stench & disease where ever they roam? Be Pro-Active &, Get rid of them BEFORE they get in your house or vehicle & before they multiply out of control NOTE: A female mouse can produce up to 56 offspring (pups) each year... more below This is EASY and SAFE As always, Use Your Own Common Sense NOTE: Viewer discretion at 6:55, dead rodents in bucket Less than 1/2 of my buckets have ramps or rollers I float sunflower seeds on the water & once I have a few in the bucket I always leave a couple from day to day to make those who look in feel the power of loss, that they are missing out & not getting their share. They are more likely to jump in & join the party VEHICLES AND WIRING I use mothballs & mint oil to repel them from vehicles, buildings, machinery, exhaust pipes, drain pipes, stand pipes & wiring and usually put a bucket adjacent to let them provide a day spa treatment for the fleeing rodents Use a 5 or 13gal bucket Fill your bucket with about 4-5" of water, nothing else & never fill your bucket more than 1/3 full of water or some rodents may not fall in completely or they may get out If you arrive at your bucket & a rodent is alive & swimming, do what you will, or leave & come back in 30 minutes. They're not good at treading water so they'll drown quickly Never pick up a live rodent, they will defend themselves by biting you & may have rabies & you don't need THAT headache Almost all municipalities allow you to put dead rodents in the trash but if you're not sure, do your own research ANTIFREEZE If you use antifreeze to keep the water from freezing, use Only RV Antifreeze (its alcohol based) & NOT Radiator Antifreeze RV Antifreeze will not kill beneficial animals if they drink it as will radiator antifreeze & will preserve the rodents from rotting for weeks or months until you get back to them SQUIRRELS & RATS For big squirrels & rats I marry (glue or wire or ??) two 5 gal buckets together, top to top. I cut the bottom out of the top one, no roller and put 5” of water in & float sunflower seeds on the water… they let go because they can’t reach & think they can just jump out… a little cooking oil on the inside of the bucket walls helps to keep them from climbing out & keeps the seeds floating longer. Some say 6 gallon buckets work but I think they’re hard to find Alternate Attractants Almond Butter, sunflower seeds, crisco, fruit, grains, meat, chocolate. Make sure you don’t have garbage or other feed sources attracting them away Mouse Reproduction A female mouse can give birth within a month of her own birth & she can produce up to 56 offspring (pups) each year & up to 30 of them can be females who themselves can give birth to their own litters within a month One,,,just one pregnant female getting in your house can result in a dozen in the first month and more than 50 in the second month! Lifespan is about 12 months (1yr) outdoors & up to 3 years once they get in your house. They are perpetual chewers as their teeth never stop growing & they need to keep them honed down, so they chew and destroy everything in their path Outdoors they chew through everything, destroy crops & feed stocks. The beneficial part is they are a big part of the food chain for many birds & predators. If feed conditions are right, the mice population can explode into a bloom that becomes exponential within just 2 months. Inside a barn, garage, home or other enclosed structure, they will live longer & have bigger litters and that only brings and spreads disease & destruction at a faster pace Disease and Pestilence Mice & rodents can carry plague diseases, (in our area they carry the hantavirus & hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome & hantavirus pulmonary syndrome which is contagious from contact with their feces) Mice are very unclean, they pee & poop along their path as a way of marking their territory & where one goes, others can easily follow As the path is more traveled it is more urine & feces soaked Gophers, moles & voles don’t typically venture outside of their burrows and they’re not climbers. They’re always looking for soft ground to dig in You’ll need something like gopher bait, gopher traps, gopher bombs, gopher propane burrow blaster, etc My Social Links: facebook.com/CougarRidgeRanch facebook.com/BradWardle twitter.com/BWardleCW instagram.com/CaptainWingnut NOTICE: I welcome your comments & questions and I do my best to answer as many as I physically can If you decide to post a comment, be nice & post an educated, intelligent comment If YouTube doesn't, I may delete and mute/block any inappropriate, rude, mean, frivolous, un-intelligent (stupid) or irrelevant posts or posters To find out where I buy things visit our Website CougarRidgeRanch.com/where-to-buy-it/


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