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Title:《陪你一起长大 Hand in Hand》EP1 刘涛颖儿领衔众妈带娃起跑 主演:刘涛 | 李光洁 | 颖儿【芒果TV青春剧场】

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The young couple Su Xing and Xi Bin have a son who is called Xi Wang. The mothers around them have enrolled the children in various courses by using the reason that they can't let their children lose on the starting line. But Su Xing and Xi Bin let the son grow up naturally. Seeing that his son was about to go to elementary school, the most popular elementary school in the district was replaced by a newly established elementary school, which made Su Qing anxious with other mothers. Should we give our children advanced education or easy education, should we change houses to enter popular schools, should we invest huge sums of money in special classes? These problems caused constant disputes between Xi Bin who insisted not to fall behind others, and Xi Bin who resisted to force a child’s talent. The same problem also plagued the other three mothers in the community. The relationship between husband and wife, parent-child and generations in the four families has experienced tremendous challenges. However when Xi Wang suffered from a stuttering due to psychological pressure, Su Xing realized that it was herself that should grow up. Su Xing decided not to be obsessed with the competition on the starting line. Only by returning to the original aspiration of foster character and civic virtue can help children stand on the true starting point of life. The new elementary school has opened. Su Xing and other mothers sent the children to the school. Just one year of pre-school education allowed young parents to gain important growth experiences in their lives.

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