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Title:What if Anakin Was Addicted to Bacta? (Animated) - Star Wars Theory Fan-Fic

Grab your HOODIE Now - swtheory.creator-spring.com/listing/Hot-Lava-66?ut… In today’s fan-fiction we’ll be taking a spin on the Star Wars universe and visiting the comedic scenario on what if Vader was addicted to bacta. Now typically in my fan-fictions, I like to be as serious and acurate as I can be. Staying true to the characters that George Lucas wrote, and seeing where the story would lead if a few events were to slightly shift from the story we know. In today’s fan fiction, we won’t be doing that. We’ll be taking a scenario that may be happening somewhere in a multiverse in a galaxy far, far away. This will be written in the same fashion as my what if obi-wan was addicted to death sticks video, which was one of my earlier fan-fictions done about 5 years ago. So without further ado, let’s see what would happen if Vader was addicted to Bacta. The bright lights blinded anakin’s already sensitive and burnt eyes. As he lay on the reconstruction table in Palpatine’s medical facility on Coruscant, the pain surged his entire body and pierced his soul. Obi-Wan. Anakin’s rage fuelled him to keep pressing on. To not give in to the weakness of death. That would be the easy way out. His anger fed his survival. His pain kept him alive, and so this feedback loop sustained his life as it did hand in hand with his suffering. As the droids did their work, they put him together as the helmet of Darth Vader was sealed with a loud hiss. A loud echoing mechanical breath could be heard as he inhaled for the first time as a machined man. Lord Vader, can you hear me? That voice. It was responsible for all of this. He reached out, but felt nothing back. Where…is padme? Is she safe? Is she alright? The shadow responded with the truth that Vader already knew the answer to. The room went dark and quiet. Before he knew he found himself unrestrained and on his feet. But these weren’t feet. These were a mechanical abomination. The Anakin Skywalker who was so fast, so nimble, so one with the force, now reduced to a clunking and slow droid. Lord Vader, your pain fuels your power. It is the very life force of we, the Sith. Many before you have used such pain to sustain their wounds, whereas a jedi would fall, the Sith survive. We always survive. The droids did the best they could, however you will need to be stripped of all besides your flesh once a moon cycle and be scrubbed of necrotic flesh. You will also be required to be submerged in Bacta, this fluid will heal your wounds over time, Lord Vader. You will need it if you are to have full function of what is left of you. As Vader went on to dominate the galaxy in his new form under the reign of Emperor Palpatine, his master, the time would come for him to be scrubbed by the droids. He hated this process. It was humiliating. Him, the most powerful being in the galaxy, reduced to a child needing the aid of droids to be washed. It was painful, angering, and repulsed him. Lord Vader, we now will put you in this tank of Bacta. The Bacta will heal your wounds when fully submerged. Fine. Make it fast, I don’t want to stay in this bubbling tar any moment longer than I need to. For every second I’m in there longer than needed, I will eliminate you all one by one. Uhh. Understood, sir. As Vader was raised by chains attached to a giant arm, he was plopped in to the bacta tank. The hot thick liquid covering his wounds and soothing his muscles. His flaky burnt skin feeling moisturized, and nourished. The Bacta was, dare he think it, not as bad as he thought. No, it was actually quite pleasant. As the crane lifted and he was pulled out, he woke up from his sleep angered to see he was outside of the tub. PUT ME BACK IN YOU FOOLS! He yelled at the droids. I hope you all enjoyed today's funny star wars fan fiction. Check out my other ones like this: What if Obi-Wan was Addicted to Death Sticks? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9yEF... What if Anakin Liked Sand? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbsnO... What if the Younglings Killed Anakin? - https://youtu.be/iK_3vJFJoLA Continue the conversation on the Theory forums! starwarstheory.com/THEORY/posts Become a Patron to support future content - www.patreon.com/StarWarsTheory Join this channel to get access to perks: youtube.com/channel/UC8CbFnDTYkiVweaz8y9wd_Q/join


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