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Title:How to Round Pen ANY Horse - Essential Groundwork Part 1

Learn why I roundpen my horses first and the philosophy behind it here: https://andreaequine.com/blogs/andrea...

The horse I am using for these videos is an 8 year old quarter horse named Bob. This is the first time Bob has been exposed to these groundwork exercises so what you're watching is always the first lesson! There's mistakes and imperfections, and I leave everything in because it's the best way to learn. You may notice that Bob is "off" in some exercises, and that is because he has had a club foot for the majority of his life. While it throws his gait off, numerous soundness checks from vets have confirmed that he is 100% sound and not in pain.

Side note- Looks like I forgot to explain why I let Bob trot a lot throughout this round penning training session. Since it's the first lesson, lots of the direction change and draw maneuvers are challenging for the horse to understand at first. Because of this, I like releasing the pressure a lot after a successful direction change- I do this by letting bob trot for a brief moment. Another reason why you see me letting him trot for a longer distance is because this is a very strenuous exercise, and takes lots of athleticism on the horse's part. Whenever I saw Bob fatigued, I let him trot to get his air back. It is perfectly alright to let your horses trot, as long as its YOUR idea!

Thank you all for watching my Essential Groundwork Training Series! I was so fed up with the lack of good, free training information on the internet- you either paid a ton of money to learn high quality info, or you settled for small clips and low quality training for free on Youtube. My goal is to change that, and provide high quality training completely for free. There's no subscription, training kit, or donation to buy. My training series is my gift to you guys, for being so incredibly supportive and amazing!!

That being said, if you want to support me, here's how: If you found this video helpful, let me know and show some love in the comments :) Remember- sharing is caring: share with your horsey friends!


Tack used in the series:

**Keep in mind that this is one training method and one opinion. There's no need to dislike or be negative about a view different from your own :) If you're happy with your relationship with your horse, then great! But there's no need to preach against my method. Do us all a favor and upload your own series! That way we can all benefit and learn from it. As a horse trainer, you never, ever stop learning- that's why I love gaining knowledge and info from every trainer out there. Be open minded, and stay positive everyone! I'm opening up comments for the first time, but if it's abused, i'll shut it down**

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