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Title:NaNo Prep Virtual Write-In: Mix and Match Plots and Characters

Want to write a novel but not quite sure where to start? Here are some writing prompts to help you generate ideas for your next masterpiece. Visit https://nanowrimo.org/nano-prep-101 for all our NaNo Prep resources!

Every NaNoWriMo Live Virtual Write-In is designed to help you set aside your time for writing: complete with writing prompts, quiet time to write, and a chance to share a sentence or two (especially if you join us live!).

Today's Theme: Mix and Match Plots and Characters

Prompt #1: Borrow a Plot!
Write a summary of a book, movie, story, etc. that you love. 5 minutes, ends at :18

Prompt #2: Put a spin on your plot summary
Take the plot summary you just wrote, and change something about it! Pick a side character or a different point of view to explore. What would the new story arc be? What new details might you explore? 8.5 minutes, ends at :35

Prompt #3: Borrow a character!
Either borrow a character from an existing story, someone you see out of your window, etc. Invent a background, story, or future for them. 8 minutes, ends at :55

We're using prompts from Week 1 of our NaNo Prep 101 Workshop! Find the full activity here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e...

Visit the forums to talk about your ideas and this activity: https://forums.nanowrimo.org/t/nano-p...

PROMPT 1 - Borrow a Plot - First, write a summary of a book or movie or story you love. Include important characters, major plot turns, and settings.

PROMPT 2 - Play with your borrowed plot - Start changing around different parts - characters, setting, plot turns, adjectives, verbs, anything else you like!

PROMPT 3 - Borrow a Character - Invent a history or future for someone. Maybe it’s a friend you lost touch with after college, a teacher you had, a family member you’ve heard stories about, or just someone you’ve seen in photos or on the bus.

Who is the person that intrigues you? What was their childhood like? What did they dream of? What was their greatest desire? What obstacles did they face? What was their greatest triumph?


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