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Title:HERTL 30 Miniatures: 3. Bagatella and 4. Pastorale - Božo Paradžik (db) & Annalisa Orlando (pno)

World's premiere recording of the entire "30 Miniatures for double bass and piano" by František Hertl (1906-1973), performed by Božo Paradžik (double bass) and Annalisa Orlando (piano) Sheet music of these miniatures wasn't published during composer's lifetime. Completed just shortly before his death, the manuscripts have been kept in the family archives for nearly 50 years, until just a few years ago. Composer's daughter, Ms Květa Hertlová is very happy that this wonderful music now can be played all over the world. These pieces are unique in several terms. Unlike many other solo pieces composed for double bass, most of the time "30 Miniatures" are played in the two octaves at the low end, in the natural, low register of double bass. Artistic value of these compositions is far above average in the double bass literature. František Hertl was an educated composer with his own musical style. And these pieces are his mature creation, the last and by far the biggest he has ever composed for this instrument. Regarding the fact that he was an excellent double bass player, very unusual is also the fact, that these pieces have been obviously composed by using the piano keyboard, rather than searching for the comfortable grips at the fingerboard, which would have been dangerous for the composing process apt to highest quality. This is the second of 15 videos, each of the following 13 will also include two pieces, in the order of appearance like in the score. Publishing stepwise is meant to be done to make this music earlier available to the audience. Video editing is a long process and I will be very happy if we make it to publish all 30 pieces (it is more than 90 minutes of music) before the end of 2022. Many of those short compositions are a true masterpieces and it wouldn't surprise me if they would become a standard literature for double bassists in the close future. I hope Hertl's music will find many new fans now. Please visit my website for more information about these pieces. sheet music can be purchased and downloaded as PDF files from the online shop of my website. It was 100% charity project until the beginning of 2022, whole turnover was forwarded to composers daughter, who lives on a very tight budget in Prague. since beginning of 2022, the part of the turnover will be used to partially cover the costs of this video production, which wasn't really cheap. - - - - - - about pieces 3 & 4 - - - - - - N°3, Bagatelle is a free musical form, the name could mean in a free translation something like a "simple piece" or a "piece without bigger importance". While the music history knows under this name rather short pieces for piano with a melancholic, mellow, or light character, Hertl's Bagatelle is quite opposite to all that. It is very energic, with powerful tones in the low register of double bass, quite exactly like this instrument is used also in the symphony orchestra. But Hertl used the low register very much in these 13 miniatures, which is seldom in the soloistic literature for double bass. And we must admit: it sounds pretty good here that way. A lot of spiccato technique is required in this piece. The middle section is a very passionate long melody that constantly increases in the intensity and reaches its culmination just short before the recapitulation. N°4, Pastorale is another real masterpiece among the "30 Miniatures". Hertl's full maturity as a composer can be felt in many of the ballads of this cyclus of dances and ballads. The beautiful "Pastorale" is also probably one of the most peaceful pieces you will hear in the entire classical music œvre. By performing all 30 Miniatures, the relaxing harmonies, rhythm and melodies of "Pastorale" are a real refreshment after the "powerplay" and high intensity of the first three Miniatures.


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