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Title:The Truth About Beck

Beck has been responsible for some of the most inventive and boundary-pushing music of the last 25 years. There's just nothing Beck can't do, it would seem. A musician who creates such layered soundscapes has necessarily lived a wild and interesting existence. This is the untold truth of Beck.

As a musician with a deep musical and cultural vocabulary, it should come as little surprise that Beck comes from an artsy family full of intriguing individualists. His paternal grandfather, a Presbyterian minister, introduced him to the world of church music. Beck told Rolling Stone:

"That music influenced me a lot, but not consciously. There's something biblical and awkward and great about those lyrics."

Beck's mother is Bibbe Hansen, a performance artist and disciple of Andy Warhol. Beck's father is David Campbell, a bluegrass musician and arranger who worked on Beck's Sea Change. In addition to some musical tendencies, Beck also inherited his father's religion. He told the Sunday Tribune:

"Yeah, I'm a Scientologist. I grew up in and around it and stuff."

That doesn't comprise his whole identity, however. He was "raised celebrating Jewish holidays" by his Jewish mother, Beck told Spin.

Going by a single name carries with it a magical rock n' roll mystique: take for example Bono, Cher, and Beck. That's not the latter's full name, obviously, and nor is it even his real first name. Keep watching the video to find out the truth about Beck!

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Artistic upbringing | 0:17
Meet Bek Campbell | 1:04
Winning on Loser | 2:05
Doubts about Odelay | 3:11
Speedy Mutations | 4:03
Stuck in a lawsuit | 4:52
Smooth gets smoother | 5:38
Breaking the AMAs | 6:40
A change of heart | 7:36
A piece of sheet...music | 8:36
Spinal injury | 9:25
Quiet divorce | 10:11


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