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Title:Art Style: Techno | Flash-X & Friends #016 | Guests : Avoidant


Avoidant is a 23-year-old Hungarian borned DJ. He started his career as a simple partyface, but he can't get enough from the dance floor: he wanted to be on the stage to make music that makes everyone crazy. In the early years he was influenced mostly by the sub genres of trance, such as Acid trance, Progressive and Hard trance. Later his style was also shaped by Hardcore and Hardtechno and with Industrial Techno's dark atmosphere, such as the sonority of Minimal techno.

Now his music takes inspiration from the latest underground electronic music trends and from the evolving musical innovations, but it's also drawing from the good old Techno sounds. Besides all of the musical influences, movies, video games, experiences from parties and from his acting career, thoughts and conclusions also tend to return in his works.

To cut it short, Avoidant is an absolute representative of the electronic music of his generation, and because he's a man of his dreams, he'll consum what he once dreamed about on the dance floor.



I was born in 1983 in East Hungary. In my childhood I was trying to find my sytle as everybody.
Then the breakout came. This was the day, when I bought DJ Budai's Tech-House Classic record in 1997.
That was the point, when I found the way to the Electronical music style.
I made my apperance at many clubs in East Hungary, when I was young.
From 2003 I usually visit Club M47 in Sarand.I met there with the local resident DJ. Schmidt. He inspired me.
In 2006 I made my own remix (Gwen Stefani - What you waiting for? Flash-X bootleg). My music style of that time mostly classic techno and hard techno.
From this time, I realized that this is what I born for. I want to entertain the people.
The time went on, but I couldn't escape from my hobby, which came to a big part of my life. About 2006 I felt the passion, to become a DJ.
Then I decided it's time for spent more money and time for my favourite activity. I mostly played progressive, tech-house and techno in that time.
In the end of 2009, I had my opportunity to play at Nyíregyháza's (Club T-Boy). After that I became there a resident with Anton VL (the other resident), where we entertained the people.
In 2010 I moved to Budapest, and I recently played at the Club Kashmir.
In 2011 I started to produce music, which made my success in 2012.
My own tracks were came out by acknowledged international recordings, like the italian Footmusic Records or the Naughty Pills Limitless.
I want to thank to everybody for supporting me, to let my dream come true.
To Anita my girlfriend for the courage, to Anton VL, who helped me a lot, and to Istvan "Kevin" Soltesz, who still supporting me.
Specially thanks to the Italianbeat Guys whom saw the talent in me as a producer.



Art Style: Techno

Web http://artstyletechno.hu/
Mixlr http://mixlr.com/art-style-techno
Youtube http://www.youtube.com/ArtStyleTechno
Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/art-style-techno
Mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/ArtStyleTechno
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ArtStyleTechno

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