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Title:Lens Compression, is it a myth?: OnSet ep. #318

Join Daniel Norton OnSet as he discusses compression: what it is and what it isn’t. There is no denying that when we frame up a portrait with various focal lengths, the image changes in a way that is referred to as compression. Is this the lens, or something else entirely? Video referenced: https://youtu.be/-6v1MSWeGxo Lens Compression, is it a myth? 0:00 - Intro 0:10 - Is compression even a thing? 0:28 - We’ve done this before (kinda) 0:42 - What is compression? 1:35 - Gear for a portrait 2:14 - Model on the set 2:48 - Why use a zoom lens in the studio 4:04 - Our process 4:22 - Portrait lighting 4:51 - Portrait with 70mm lens 6:10 - Portrait with 200mm lens 11:23 - Portrait with 105mm lens 12:25 - Image review 12:36 - My joke going right over Marisa’s head SUBSCRIBE AND BE PART OF THE ADORAMA FAMILY: ➥ youtube.com/user/adoramaTV __________________________________ Be the first to shop our great deals and sales by signing up for emails from Adorama! www.adorama.com/MyAccount/Login?&NextPage=/nspc/My… __________________________________ Daniel's Kit: Nikon Z6ii: www.adorama.com/nkz6m2.html Nikon Z6: www.adorama.com/nkz6.html Nikon 24-70 f4: www.adorama.com/nkz2470.html Manfrotto 055Xpro Tripod: www.adorama.com/bgmt055xp3.html Manfrotto Hydrostatic Ball Head: www.adorama.com/bg468mgrc4.html Apple MacBook Pro: www.adorama.com/acmvvm2lla.html Tether Tools USB Cable: www.adorama.com/ttcuc15bk.html Profoto B1x : www.adorama.com/pp901028.html Profoto B10: www.adorama.com/pp901163.html V Flat: www.adorama.com/vwvflat.html Chimera Superpro X Lightbank, XS, Shallow, Silver: www.adorama.com/cmsppshxs.html ✘ PRODUCTS USED: Nikon NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S Lens for Z Series: www.adorama.com/nkz70200.html Profoto B1x: www.adorama.com/pp901028.html Profoto 2x3 OCF Softbox: www.adorama.com/pp101215.html Profoto B10: www.adorama.com/pp901163.html Profoto 1x3 OCF Softbox: www.adorama.com/pp101217.html Savage Cocoa Paper: www.adorama.com/l/?searchinfo=savage%20cocoa&sel=I… ✘ PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT USED: Sling Studio Multi-Cam www.adorama.com/slingstcaml.html Nikon Z6 camera with 24-70 Lens www.adorama.com/nkz6k.html Nikon z50 Camera with 16-50 lens www.adorama.com/nkz50k1.html Zoom H4N www.adorama.com/zh4nproab.html Rode Wireless Go Microphone www.adorama.com/rdwigo.html Ipad Pro www.adorama.com/acmhnf3lla.html #portraitphotography #lenscompression #adorama __________________________________ ❐ LET'S GET SOCIAL ❏ ➥ Facebook www.facebook.com/adorama/ ➥ Instagram www.instagram.com/adorama/ ➥ Twitter twitter.com/adorama ➥ Twitch www.twitch.tv/adoramaxp ➥ Adorama Music youtube.com/adoramamusic ❐ MORE ADORAMA ❏ ➥ Shop www.adorama.com/ ➥ Blog www.adorama.com/alc/ ➥ Live Events www.adorama.com/g/42-live ➥ Create No Matter What www.adorama.com/g/create-no-matter-what ➥ Podcast www.adorama.com/g/adorama-podcast# __________________________________ Be sure to follow Marisa: www.instagram.com/marisa.roper/ Be sure to follow Daniel Norton: www.facebook.com/danielnortonphotographer/ www.instagram.com/danielnorton __________________________________ THANKS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!


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