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Title:Naagin 5 | Episode 52 | Bani and Veer Meet Their End! | Randomlogy Shorts

Follow Us On Instagram - https://instagram.com/ngrandomz Subscribe to Our Channel - https://youtube.com/randomlogy?sub_co... NAAGIN 5 - PLOT: The story starts ten thousand years ago when eagles had the power to shape shift. When the eagles attacked the snakes to obtain Naagmani, Lord Shiva blessed the shapeshifting ability to snakes and named the first naagin to get this power, Naageshwari. She was in love with a naag Hriday while the prince of eagles, Aakesh falls in love with her despite the enmity between the clans. Aakesh plots to attack the snakes and get Naagmani. He enters the Temple with his force and kills Hriday with his army. However, he is killed by Naageshwari afterwhich she stabs herself to death. On completing the story, Dev is brought back to life and he reunites with Brinda. According to the condition of lord Shiva, Naageshwari has to take rebirth to complete her lovestory but the history was set to change this time. 40 YEARS LATER Naageshwari gets reincarnated as Bani. On the wedding of her best friend Noor, she meets Jay Mathur and feels an instant link with him and he too feels the same. The wedding gets cancelled due to chaos caused by the quintessential and handsome Veeranshu “Veer” Singhania (an eagle) who gets mesmerised seeing Bani and falls in love with her at the very first sight. Bani feels even a stronger connection with Veer but of hatred. Even though she starts falling in love with Jay, it is Veer about whom she constantly thinks of though out of hatred. Veer plans to win Bani’s love and get married to her so he instead sends a marriage alliance for her sister Meera, knowing Bani would never let him marry her sister. Jay and Bani reach the Shiv Temple and remember the previous births where Jay is revealed to be her lover Hriday’s reincarnation and they both realise Veer is infact Aakesh’s rebirth. So, Bani plans to marry Jay the same day as Veer and Meera. Out of jealousy Veer asks his brothers to kidnap Jay. Veer's twin brother Teer is released and he throws Jay down the cliff. Bani witnesses Jay's death and to seek revenge she kills Teer thinking him to be Veer. When he comes to know of his brother’s death he forcefully marries Bani and promises to Torture her. Jai is revealed to be alive and he was all the while faking his love for Bani to receive her powers. Jai poses many problems for Bani with his allies with Veer saving and helping her each time. Veer's mother Chandrakala is revealed to be Markaat who was her biggest enemy from Satyog era. Markaat loses to Bani after Veer and Jay decides to help Bani. Markat is trapped in a cave but she posed threat to Bani and her family through her evil powers. Veer is hypnotized by Markaat's evil powers. Bani begins to like being with Veer and with due course of time falls helplessly in love with him and reciprocates his feelings and they consummate their marriage. But the very next morning upon waking up, Veer claims he used Bani to take revenge and ruin her under a hypnotic spell. Bani finds out the truth and brings him back to normal. Since Bani had changed the history and challenged the nature’s law by falling in love with an eagle whom she was supposed to kill and avenge her previous life, a Farishta curses her that Veer shall forget her and despise her and so happens. Veer forgets and starts hating Bani and cannot tolerate her presence around him. But even then gets attracted to her continuously. Bani decides to win Veer’s love all over again. Amidst this she realises she is pregnant with Veer’s child and beams with joy. Bani gets to know that it was Jay who had been deceiving her from the beginning and now she has to save herself and Veer's life from him. Jay and Bani confront each other, the latter making her unconscious and leaving her to die in a cottage. However, Veer reaches there and resurrects Bani. Veer realizes Jay had put Veer's life in danger. She stabs Jay and goes to save Veer. The two confesses their love for each other. Veer and Bani now realize that they cannot run away from their destiny and have to die as they despite belonging to different clans fell in love with each other. A huge fireball falls on Bani and Veer as they hug each other and they die together by its powerful impact. But their heir lives. Bani and Veer turn into spirits and wish a good life for their child. Jay, who is also struggling for his life, comes across Bani and Veer's child. He wishes to kill the child which will give him immense power. But the moment Jay tries to kill the child, a strange electrying wave comes out of the child's hand and throws Jay into the fire which kills him. The Farishta appears and informs the viewers that a new species has born which is neither Naag nor Cheel. He will stay with humans but won't be able to tolerate them. He calls the new species as an Adi-Shadh. #Naagin5 #Episode52 #GrandFinale


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