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Title:Captain Raghu Raman On Army Life, Siachen & Combat Mentality | The Ranveer Show 75

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Captain Raghu Raman served in the Indian armed forces for 12 years. He's a trained commando and has even been a part of the Indian army's duties on International soil (Angola).
After his stint in the army, he began his tenure working with the Indian government and went on to become the CEO of the National Intelligence Grid.

Post which his corporate journey began with Mahindra & Reliance Industries. He ended up becoming the President of Reliance Industries for Risk, Security and New Ventures.

In 2019, Captain Raghu quit his corporate stint and began to work as a motivational speaker. He also teaches Leadership, Analytics and communication in leading business schools and is also a columnist of the leading business newspaper, β€˜The Mint’.

In today's episode, Captain Raghu talks to us about his stories from the time in the army - Right from his days training in the defense academy to his days spent in Siachen to his days spent as a part of the UN peacekeeping force. We went over topics such as the intense training in the army, dealing with war, ment fitness, spirituality in the army and much more.

Very few conversations on The Ranveer Show have had this kind of a lasting impact on my mind and heart. It's an honour to have hosted Captain Raghu on the show. It's an honour to bring out his story for our audiences.

Enjoy the episode, make notes while watching this one.


0:00​ - Introduction
1:46​ - His early life
3:17​ - An experience that inspired him
4:13​ - The intense army training
7:27​ - Army induction process
9:07​ - Psychometric testing in the army
9:57​ - Army’s unique way of rejection
12:31​ - What is physical courage?
14:29​ - His commando course
16:17​ - Explaining the army spectrum
18:23​ - His most intense time during the commando training
21:23​ - Mental training for death in army
24:11​ - Gaining the real wealth from army
26:59​ - How army helps you live a richer life
29:02​ - Intense memories from a combat
32:33​ - Emotions during a war like Kargil
36:22​ - His time serving the army in 90’s
37:18​ - Serving at the coldest battlefield in the world, Siachen
39:26​ - Living in the most extreme conditions
41:43​ - Coming across a Pakistani troop
46:11​ - What is spirituality for an army man?
50:56​ - His thoughts after finishing a mission
53:28​ - Fragility of life
59:25​ - Army man’s sense of family
1:00:59​ - Why was Indian army sent to Africa?
1:04:21​- Underlying cultural trait that ties the Indian army
1:09:31​- A quality that represents Indian soldiers worldwide
1:14:05​ - His UN peace keeping mission in Africa
1:19:54​ - Technology’s role in the future of army
1:24:51​- Why should an Indian youth join the army?
1:30:19​ - A memory from his soldier life that will flash in his last moments
1:34:08​ - How Army equipped him to be financially stable
1:41:46​ - Indian army’s lack of brand building

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