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Title:The Development History of Trainz

Trainz Simulator, better known simply as "Trainz", has a had a long and varied history since it's first release in 2001. What once was a simple, indie-developed model railway planning program, is now one of the, if not the most popular train simulator out there in the world today. There's been plenty of updates, problems, and general changes over the past 20 years leading up to what we have today known as Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019. Today, Trainz is well known for its surveyor feature along with ease and popularity of user-created content. Trainz has been built and heavily revolves around its fans. So, how exactly did Trainz get into the position it is today? That's what I'm taking a look at today. Big thanks to my friends for providing me with some Trainz 12 and some Trainz: A New Era video clips as well! Mountain Ridge Films: /channel/UC5kKdEUP0dg_khZcWAX7Zag Michelle C./Midnight Girl: /channel/UCejm7FUy4xKaMx2JBCv-2wg Kauai Pacific Railroad Productions: /channel/UCgw555gQf9TEtjJgIgWYwPw 0:00 Introduction 0:37 Pre-Beta (1995-2000) 2:34 Trainz Beta (2001) 5:30 Trainz 1.0-1.3 (2001-2002) 6:38 Ultimate Trainz Collection (2002) 08:07 Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 (2003) 09:56 Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 (2005) 12:07 Trouble for Auran & Trainz (2006-2008) 14:38 Reinvigorating the Trainz Brand (2006-2008) 16:29 Trainz Simulator 2009 (2008) 20:11 Trainz Simulator 2010 (2009) 21:23 Trainz iPad/My First Trainz Set (2010) 21:56 Trainz Simulator 12 (2011) 24:00 Incremental Trainz Releases (2011-2013) 24:31 Trainz: A New Era Kickstarter (2013-2014) 27:29 Trainz: A New Era (2015) 30:05 Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 (2018) 32:57 Conclusion Music Used: Super Mario Galaxy - Good Egg Galaxy Mario Paint - Creative Exercise Super Mario Odyssey - Steam Gardens Super Mario Galaxy - Honeyhive Galaxy Sonic Colors - Tropical Resort (Act 2) Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain (Act 1) Sonic Unleashed - Skyscraper Scamper (Night) Yume Nikki - Abandoned Desert Town Yume Nikki - Martian Underground Mario Party 2 - Let the Game Begin Mario & Luigi Dream Team Music - Shopping in Wakeport Tomodachi Life - Clothing Shop Sonic CD - Sonic Boom (Instrumental) Team Fortress 2 - Main Theme Wii Shop Channel Main Theme Mario Paint - BGM 2 Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door - Main Theme PaRappa The Rapper 2 - Toasty Buns (Instrumental) Sonic Adventure - It Doesn't Matter (Instrumental/Vocal) Links: Instagram: www.instagram.com/amtrakguy365/ Twitter: twitter.com/AmtrakGuy365 Flickr: www.flickr.com/people/142453835@N06/ My Site: amtrakguy365.weebly.com/


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