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Title:How to Reverse Sear a Steak on a Pellet Grill | Grilla Grills Pellet Smokers

Step-By-Step Ribeye steak perfection on the Silverbac° Pellet Grill. Coming to you with a quick and simple method for cooking a juicy piece of meat. Shane Draper kicks it up a notch giving you some PRO tips to get a great reverse seared steak. Whether you are using a quality rub or simply salt & pepper you can't go wrong with this method.

Reverse sear in my opinion is hands-down the best way to cook a steak. I mean look at this thing. You can't just want to pick it up and eat it. This is all about the reverse sear and if you've got a pellet grill there's no better way to cook a steak. And in my opinion no better way to cook a steak even if you've got a gas grill or you're doing this in the oven. There's a few rules you got to follow and that's what we're gonna really get into today. First rule: gotta start with a big steak and I mean a big steak. Listen this is not gonna work on those skinny minis, right, those 99 cent steaks just not gonna work. I like to use only inch thick, just an inch and a half. And listen this works for any kind of steak you don't have to be using the giant beautiful tomahawk here. In fact, I use just a regular ribeye more time than not. Second, get that steak as cold as possible. You don't want it frozen but it does have to be really cold, fresh out of the refrigerator, okay you can use whatever seasoning you like. Today we're using the Grilla beef rub. It was built for steaks.

We're gonna let this rub set on them just for a couple minutes. We're gonna set our grill to about 220, 225 and I'm tell you a secret. Go ahead and put your grill grates on. I know you're not gonna -- don't set your steak on it yet -- but go ahead and put your grill grates on your pellet grill. Let them start warming up. Okay, it's gonna save you some time in the long run. What we're gonna do is put these guys on. We're gonna throw a temp probe in them. When they hit about 120 we're gonna pull them off, turn the grill up to 500, wait until these things get super screaming-hot, put our steaks back on for a couple minutes per side, and we're gonna have some good eats. And then I just set my steaks out in the middle and let them roll. I'm gonna come back in temp check them about once every 30 minutes and once you hit about 120, pull them off, crank the grill up, and then we'll see. Okay so we pulled our steaks off. They hit about 120. We're gonna go ahead and move our grill grate to that sweet spot I was talking about.

All right now I'm going to close the lid so the temperature keeps you know as close to 500 as possible. But I'm going to check them in a minute. Okay I'm going to just peek underneath and see if I got any good grill marks then we're going to turn on 90 degrees, wait another minute, and then we'll flip. Oh yeah. Already getting some beautiful marks on there. Rotated just like this, boom. Back on our tomahawk. If you have a club you can totally do it just use a glove because thing is huge you know. We've got some nice marks on there we're just gonna rotate this guy. All right, close it back, set the timer for another minute, and we'll check back. And this is a great time to go ahead and check your temp on them. If the temps running away from you you can go ahead and make adjustments if you need to. Oh my goodness this thing's so big I can't even hardly grab it the tongs. Look at that. Bones still smoking. Alright give these guys just a few minutes rest let them come back down just a little bit and slice them up and they're ready to go.

catch you next time. You.
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