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Welcome back to the manual machine shop! In this video I’ll be taking on everybody’s favorite cutting tool. The fly cutter But of course I will be putting my own flare on it, by making it MASSIVE. And not only that, it will also be adjustable in diameter and will accept tungsten carbide inserts. The motivation for the project comes from yet another project where I will need to be able to fly cut a plate 9 inches wide. As normal for my projects, the engineering behind all this is done on a good old fashioned drafting board. The build will be made up of several components, made from different materials I already had laying around the shop. An R8 arbor to match my vertical milling machine will be press fit into a large aluminum wheel that makes up the bulk of the cutter. But to make the cutter adjustable, a separate insert holder will mount on the wheel via slots. Some other miscellaneous hardware round at this build. And as many will be pleased to see, I’m actually black oxiding the parts this time! But mostly for looks ;) #inheritancemachining #machineshop #hobbymachinist Patreon (Drawings) - www.patreon.com/inheritancemachining Instagram - www.instagram.com/inheritancemachining/ Merch - inheritance-machining.creator-spring.com/?utm_medi… Website - inheritancemachining.com/ And a special thanks to my "Micrometer" patrons! Lul, Stefan Rohner, Andre Romelle Young, Kollin Knack, Eric Robarge, sebastien frappier, Sam Kelley, Ean Hutcheson, Sami Beaumont, Ethan Cogdill, Kevin Sexton, Jack Champion, Brett, retrosnake boi, Samppa Turunen, Cory Forrester, simon Steffen, Dylan Roland, Abigail Francis, Blake Foley, Jac Robinson, mike kruzan, Troy Chappell, Dakota J, Jason Copland, Zac gougeon, Karol Sapiołko, Joshua Chambers, Martin Pittams, Jolly_Torch, Tim, Gabe Becker, Justin Gabrielson, Dominic Reinbacher, Steven Bierlink, David Rahn, Dennis Ray, Sebastian Wridt, James York, John Thomas, Bobby Perkins, Felix Lösle, Kyle Wellman, Chrisi, mason, Paul@MountainAshMetalwork, Albin Karlsson, Alexander Wedrup, Wayne Dorman, Benj King, Gary Bergin, aaron freeman, Marc B, Dave, Zane Alami, Kyle Brown, Jacob Lamon, Nic Vulcano, Erik Frolka, Luke Brandenburg, Arjaan Martini, Aiden, cameron bell, Greg Eppy, Justin Jensen, Lucas, Paul Cox, Unknown, Merik Karman, ryker321, GrimmSaber7619, Braden Kerstin, AC Machining & Engineering, drowe1974, Joseph Merkt, Giannis65, Tusai András, Phillip Dimond, Fred Townroe, danny crawford, Trevor Bartlett, Graham Poole, Jeffrey Blodgett, Francisco Peebles, Leonardo Asayama-Lucena, Matt.E, Simon Fox, Infinite Craftsman, Jason Seydel, Saikho, EAPOL M3, Eddie SpaceMonkey, Mitch Stilborn, Austin Hadden, Sam Williams, Nicolas Brouse, Matt Mansfield, Collin Danaher, Amelia Meyer, Anthony M, mark petovic, Mo SoDak, Ben Fisher, Wes, Jack Fountain, Aydin Jenkins, Squall, Jarrett, Dylan Scheirbeck, Ethan Vance, Ivan Sehlin, Doug Craig, Reuben, Caleb Butterfield, neal richard, Conner Bean, Ludvig Eriksson, Adam Knowles, Bruce Lindley, Erik D. Radzius, Kilian Dauda-Board, Clark Schaefer, Zachary Clark, Matthew Vaerewyck, Topher Caouette, Erik Conner, Nevin Spoljaric, Robert Brown, David W, Noah Rowe, Patrick Bentley, Michael P Andersen, Wesley Tullos, Karam Arnaout, Patrick Kennedy, Max, Sandra Carroll, Laz A, Philip Zielinski, ???, Kevers (Adventures'N Moore), lollimewire nineteeneleven, Toon Akkermans, James, Noah, MICHAEL GOSS, Brennan McNickle, Jim Anderson, Benjamin Dubriske, Grant Fenske, Caleb Thompson, Stephen Maus, Samuel Gable, Ralph McCoy, Ethan Blankenship, Esti-Mari Du Preez, Chris Williams, Matthew Kosmoski, Terence Kersey, Charles L Popple, Michael Timms, Jose Rodriguez, Jim Hinze, TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 1:21 N-Guh-Neer-Ing 4:29 The Obligatory.... You Know What 5:42 Didn't See That Coming 6:45 Lathe-ing 8:19 A Useful Tool 10:08 Heavy Hogging 12:06 Both Precise... and Not-Precise 12:54 What One Forgets 15:10 So Much For New Blades... 16:17 Shake 'N Rake 17:47 Shame 18:21 This Time I Mean Business 19:08 BOGO 20:57 But It Has to Look Good Too 22:34 When It's Late, Brandon Gets Silly FAQ Camera: Canon 90D camera with Rode Videomic Pro+ with wind shield Voiceover: Heil Sound "The FIN" mic with a pop filter and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 preamp. Editing: Final Cut Pro X Intro Song: Way Back Way Back When (Instrumental Version) - Gamma Skies www.epidemicsound.com/track/SQxEhTVi9I/\ youtu.be/pWy76xDfTQE © 2022 Inheritance Machining, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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