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Title:Naga Full Movie || 2017 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie

Movie name : Naga (Hindi Dubbed)
A Film by Allan A. Goldstein
Written by Declan O'Brien,
Kenneth M. Badish (story).
Directed by Allan A. Goldstein
Starring Stephen Baldwin, Jayne Heitmeyer, Larry Day, Gary udson
Ross McCall
music composer Claude Foisy
Original language(s) English
Production Producer(s) Kenneth M. Badish
Running time 96 minutes
Anthropologists deep in the Amazon uncover the remains of a man they come to determine was approximately 300 years old when he died. This leads to a second expedition to discover the reason behind his longevity, but there's a major problem in the form of an Amazonian tribe that guards the proverbial fountain of youth and the giant, multi-headed snake they worship.

The scientists, led by Dr. Susan Elters (Jayne Heitmeyer), local amazonians, and their guide, Matt Ford (Stephen Baldwin), work their way through the jungle losing half the crew on the way and discover the tribe known as the Snake People. Once they find the tribe, they are held hostage and the only way they can leave peacefully is if they bring their recently discovered remains.

The scientists are able to contact the head of the expedition who promises to bring the body back. When he and his soldiers show up without the body, they become enemies with the Snake People. They search for the fountain of youth, killing Snake People along the way. They find the fountain in a cave and the final battle between the scientists and the snake takes place. The entire team of soldiers are killed and the only people left alive are Dr. Susan Elters and Matt Ford, who find that they need to keep the secrets to eternal youth with the Snake People.

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