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Title:How to make a bavarian pork knuckle / shank -German Recipes by klaskitchen.com

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This is one of the internationally best known dishes from Germany, espacially from Bavaria. But here come the problems. It´s a lot easier to cook good food than to talk about it correctly. Is it a pork knuckle - as I thought for a long time? Is it a pork shank - as one of you told me kindly? Or is it a pork leg - as the googel translator told me? I don´t know. Thank god, a tongue can not only speak but also taste ;-)
Anayway: Most of the tourists coming here to Munich want to eat a pork knuckle.
It´s one of those "once in a lifetime"-things for a lot of people, I think.

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Actually it´s not, what we Germans eat every day or what we would usually prepare at home. In fact I had a couple of problems to find a butcher who would sell me pork knuckles because they are no best sellers and you have to order them a couple of days in advance what I didn´t do because I didn´t know.
So, this was an experience for me, too. But in the end: It went out great. Have a look.
Olli, my producer and I tried it after preparing it for this video and what can I say: It was exactly as delicious as it looks in the video. So, if you want to have some real German soulfood and if you are not watching calories - go and try it. It´s easy and if you follow my recipe you will succeed.
Good luck.

Here are the ingridients:
4 pig shanks, each about 800 grams / 28 oz
2 onions
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 tsp caraway seeds
about 2 cups of broth
and one bottle of beer
Cut the knuckles lenghtwise then rub them with the caraway and salt and pepper generously
Roughly cut the onions.
Put everything into a baking dish, add the broth and the beer and put it into the oven.
Leav it there for two hours at 120 degrees Celsius (250 farenheit) circulating air.
Then you switch on the grill/broiler and double the temperature.
The knuckle is getting it´s crust now. Don´t leave it alone in this phase because it will burn easily.
At the end you take it out of the oven, let the meat rest for a while and prepare the sauce:
Let it boil in a pot, season it - it might need a little sweetness to be perfect and, if you like, you can add a little cold butter or starch.
That´s all.
Eat it with dumplings and some vegetables. I like it with red cabbage or with savoy cabbage.
I will show you how to prepare both on my channel.

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Above all that, I hope you enjoy the videos and the recipes work out fine for you
Happy cooking ;-)

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