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Title:Shakti - 25th September 2019 | Latest Upcoming Twist | Colors Tv Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

Shakti - 25th September 2019 | Latest Upcoming Twist | Colors Tv Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

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Soumya feels offended after Dadi throws away the ladoos she had prepared for Surbhi. Dadi insults Soumya and asks her leave because she doesn’t want even her shadow to fall on Surbhi’s unborn child.

The police reaches Manider’s house with Varun who was about to commit suicide. Surbhi tells the police that she has already filed for divorce and she will not take Varun’s responsibility. Varun tries to swear on Surbhi’s unborn child but Soumya stops him. She slaps him and tells him to not swear on them. Varun insults Soumya by calling her a Kinnar. She gives him a fitting response by telling that a kinnar knows how to take care of a woman and her child.

Varun threatens her but gets beaten up by Harman. Varun confronts Harman and tells him that he will not be able to produce a child. In a fit of rage, Harman starts beating him again.

Harman decides to take Surbhi to his mansion. Maninder and Dadi tell Surbhi to not leave but she decides to stay with Soumya and Harman.
Soumya takes care of Surbhi and feels the baby in her tummy.

Veeran pretends to be sorry for his act and he apologizes to Harak Singh for being greedy. Harak tells Veeran that he has spoken with a lawyer to give him his share from the property.

Soumya wants Harman to feel Surbhi’s baby. He hesitates to touch Surbhi. Soumya tells Harman to keep his hand on her hand to feel the baby’s kick.
Preeto sees Harman, Soumya and Surbhi enjoying an adorable time. Surbhi suddenly feels a shooting pain in her stomach. Soumya and Harman call Raavi and Preeto for help. Preeto tells Soumya to take Surbhi to the doctor next morning. Varun wants to avenge the insult after being slapped by Soumya.

Preeto tells Soumya not to worry about Surbhi because it’s normal to have slight pain during pregnancy.

After Harman goes off to sleep, Soumya takes a pillow and pretends to be pregnant by keeping it on her tummy. Harman wakes up and sees Soumya looking at her reflection with a fake baby bump in the mirror.25th September shakti,25 September shakti,25th September shakti,shakti 25 September full episode,shakti 25th September full episode,shakti episode 25 September,shakti full episode 25th September 2019,shakti full episode 25 September 2019,shakti today episode,shakti full episode yesterday,875 episode shakti,shakti 875 episode,875 epi,shakti news 25th September,25 September story shakti,shakti 25th September story,upcoming,upcoming shakti,upcoming,today,upcoming,latest,full story,astitva ke ehsaas ki,


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