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Title:Mocienne Petit Jackson - Funky Big Band

Welcome to my Youtube Channel Books Thriller Betrayal and Thriller the Dark side of The Netherlands on sell at Amazon and Kobo.I am living my life like you live yours here you can find my autobiography books Thriller Betrayal and Thriller the dark side of the Netherlands About my life with Michael Jackson this books are made as a memorial to Michael Jackson.Aloud people dont what to believe this unbelievable story that he Michael told me that he is my dad. I am not trying to convinced people to believe me.I am living my life my site www.mociennepetitjackson.com/ / : mine amazon author www.amazon.com/ / www.kobo.comauthor/mocienne-petit-jackson On 8th February 2021 the outgoing government apologized the children that has been kidnapped through an illegal adoption. I am one of the victims who was kidnapped in 1984 while staying with my family in Haiti for 2 years. My autobiography “Thriller betrayal” and “Thriller the dark side of the Netherlands” and the last part of my book that I am working on “Thriller resistance” are based on what happened to me for the political brutality I am going through the last 38 years. My story is more complex than that of most people because in 2010 I had to come forward claiming my share of the inheritance by acknowledging by law saying that Michael Jackson is my father and Barbara Jane Ross Lee is my mother, that I am related by 2 famous people.Through the years I went to court with the Dutch government proving my case that I was kidnapped by showing them proof that their legal administration was not correct and that the Dutch government system has been abusing me. Since the age of 9 years old I have been fighting the Dutch government and I have won. I have successfully accomplished to remove my adoption from 1986 that legally made me an orphan and with mental interrogation for years I proved them that my age on my legal paper was not correct and then my physical examination, even I was very small as a child and an as an human being, that I was older than my legal age. After years of combatting with the Dutch government I got that change too in a legal matter.Because all of this my childhood has been brutalized without the public knowing that Michael Jackson is my father, one of the famous artists in the world who died in 2009 before he could publicly acknowledge me as his daughter. The Jackson family has never publicly spoken out about this matter that I am not DNA related. Only Katharine Jackson, who refused to do a DNA-testing in 2011 an Barbara Jane Ross going publicly in 2010 to the press saying she could not be my mother, because she said she never met Michael Jackson, even she worked as the secretary of Barry Gordy, the Motown records founder where my father Michael Jackson was an artist under his label through the Jackson 5 and her sister Diana Ross who was a Motown artist and confirmed that Michael Jackson was a part of her family in her autobiography “The secrets of the sparrow” and that Michael, my father, has known all her families. And for years Barbara Jane Ross has been the personal manager of Diana’s career and then this woman dares to tell the media that she never met Michael Jackson.Before Michael Jackson died he tried to tell me that my mother was still alive. When I was moved to Haiti for 2 years, my father Michael Jackson told me that my mother was dead, that was in 1982, he even bought a grave in Haiti and told me she was buried there. In 2007 I found out through the American embassy in Amsterdam that she was alive and the connection between her and Diana Ross all my life I have known that Diana Ross was my aunt, but it was in 2007 that I realized that they were sisters. Before that I did not know, because the Ross family and the Jackson family are not an happy family. They can play out the media that they are a great family but I know that they are not.For the last 38 years I have experienced how cruel they are, so I have no desire ever be reunited with one of them. And this is why I have not pursued further my DNA testing with any of them. I do believe in God and I am a strong believer of Karma and I have faith in life and that life is full with surprises.n my lifetime I never expected that I would be alive today to witness an apology from the Dutch government of what they did to me. Before Michael Jackson died in 2009, in 2008 he was in Amsterdam. Even I have no prove than only that The Hague told me in 2010 that I had a personal judge who was looking at my kidnapping files and following the court case in America. My heart and soul tells me that Michael Jackson has done his best to get me back by law and has fought the injustice. When my father died in 2009 I found a lawyer and his neighbor was Michael Jackson’s doctor for 8 months.


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