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Title:How to Stack Guitar Pedals

Stacking pedals is a huge part of shaping tone. In this episode I'm gonna share a few ways I like to stack guitar pedals. In the comments let me know your favorite ways to stack pedals. www.thejhsshow.com/ www.patreon.com/thejhsshow www.jhspedals.info/ Check out the gear in this and past episodes here: reverb.com/c/jhs-pedal-picks?_aid=growsumo&gs_part… Gear in this video: 0:18 Mythos Golden Fleece reverb.com/p/mythos-pedals-golden-fleece-fuzz?_aid… 1:42 JHS Pedals Morning Glory reverb.com/p/jhs-morning-glory-v4-overdrive-pedal?… 2:12 Paul Cochrane Timmy reverb.com/p/paul-cochrane-timmy-v3?_aid=growsumo&… 2:16 Exotic RC Booster 2:30 Ibanez Tube Screamer reverb.com/p/ibanez-ts9-tubescreamer?_aid=growsumo… 2:35 JHS Pedals Double Barrel reverb.com/p/jhs-double-barrel-v4-overdrive-7-knob… 2:43 Klon Centaur reverb.com/p/klon-centaur-horsie?_aid=growsumo&gs_… 2:50 Klon KTR reverb.com/p/klon-ktr-2012-red?_aid=growsumo&gs_pa… 2:54 Wampler Tumnus reverb.com/p/wampler-tumnus?_aid=growsumo&gs_partn… 2:57 J. Rockett Archer reverb.com/p/j-rockett-archer-ikon-overdrive?_aid=… 3:00 Mojo Hand Sacred Cow reverb.com/p/mojo-hand-fx-sacred-cow-overdrive?_ai… 5:20 ZVEX Super Hard On reverb.com/p/zvex-super-hard-on-boost-vexter?_aid=… 5:22 Earthquaker Devices Arrows reverb.com/p/earthquaker-devices-arrows-v2-preamp-… 7:06 JHS Pedals Panther Cub V2 reverb.com/p/jhs-panther-cub-v2/new?_aid=growsumo&… 7:12 Walrus Audio ARP-87 reverb.com/p/walrus-audio-arp-87-multi-function-de… 9:37 Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star reverb.com/p/old-blood-noise-endeavors-dark-star-p… 9:46 JHS Pedals Kodiak reverb.com/p/jhs-kodiak-tremolo/new?_aid=growsumo&… 10:56 Wren and Cuff White Elk reverb.com/p/wren-and-cuff-white-elk-small-foot-fu… 11:26 Jam Pedals Tubedreamer reverb.com/p/jam-pedals-tubedreamer-72?_aid=growsu… 12:49 Diamond Memory Lane Jr. reverb.com/p/diamond-memory-lane-jr-2012-silver-sp… 13:16 Boss RV-5 reverb.com/p/boss-rv-5-digital-reverb?_aid=growsum… 13:46 Keeley Caverns reverb.com/p/keeley-caverns-delay-reverb-v2?_aid=g… 13:51 Quiet Theory Prelude 13:58 Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master reverb.com/p/earthquaker-devices-dispatch-master-v… 15:06 Electro-Harmonix Micro Pog reverb.com/p/electro-harmonix-micro-pog?_aid=grows… 15:10 Ibanez OT-10 reverb.com/p/ibanez-ot10-octave-pedal?_aid=growsum… 15:14 Boss OC-2 reverb.com/p/boss-oc-2-octave-pedal-1980s-brown?_a… 15:33 Death By Audio Fuzz War reverb.com/p/death-by-audio-fuzz-war?_aid=growsumo… 16:05 MXR Sub Machine reverb.com/p/mxr-m225-sub-machine-fuzz?_aid=growsu… 17:42 Strymon Flint reverb.com/p/strymon-flint?_aid=growsumo&gs_partne… 18:02 Boss DD-500 reverb.com/p/boss-dd-500-digital-delay?_aid=growsu… 18:09 Eventide H9 reverb.com/p/eventide-h9-max?_aid=growsumo&gs_part… 18:23 Line-6 HX Effects reverb.com/p/line-6-hx-effects-multi-effects-pedal… 18:44 JHS Pedals Double Barrel reverb.com/p/jhs-double-barrel-v4-overdrive-7-knob… 18:51 Browne Amplification Protein 19:09 T1M Pearl reverb.com/p/t1m-the-pearl?_aid=growsumo&gs_partne… 19:15 Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde reverb.com/p/visual-sound-jekyll-and-hyde-ultimate… 19:32 Fulltone GT-500 reverb.com/p/fulltone-gt-500?_aid=growsumo&gs_part… Record Time: Pete Yorn - Back & Fourth amzn.to/2BJakt8 Josh’s record player is by U-Turn Audio: amzn.to/34CRXjr #jhs #thejhsshow #guitarpedals


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