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Title:The Rookie 4x15 Parallels & Callbacks

This was the longest episode parallel video. I anticipated 1x14 but was pleasantly surprised to use 1x08 as well. 1- "Plain Clothes Day." I loved that both Nolan and Chen were the ones to say it together, when they were the ones that didn't know. Also, love that Tim is the one to explain PCD. 2- Washing out- Do you know how excited I was to see Nyla on PCD?! We finally got to see that, and she was the one to talk about the wash out rate. 3-"You're not here." - love that parallel between Nolan and Thorsen. Love the mention of front desk duty in 1x14 while he had that in 4x15. And Thorsen mentioning he gets to pick lunch. 4-"You've been quiet." - from livelovecaliforniadreams, but omitted 4x06 for time and didn’t really fit with what I was going for. livelovecaliforniadreams.tumblr.com/post/678037771… 5-"No"- the moment i heard that I instantly thought of 3x09 6-"That's a compliment." westwingwolf and livelovecaliforniadreams pointed out this parallel livelovecaliforniadreams.tumblr.com/post/678038042… 7-"Aftermath of taking a life"- this was such a moving moment that Nolan and Grey shared these moments. The special effects in both are really cool, too 8-"Gathering at the hospital"- everyone comes when one their family is hurt. (they kind of did this in 3x12 but I don't have that clip) 9-"There for us."- that mention of the union rep/delegate too, who surprisingly wasn't Smitty, lol. 10-"Helping their rookies"- Bradford/Chen- Harper/Thorsen, there's also a reverse parallel in an extended version but had to cut for time (the way bradford and harper offered to help make things better, but one was a murderer and the other was a grieving father.) 11- "A wise man" - calling family 12-"Done the same" - I love that we were able to go through it with them both dealing with taking a life. 13-Chenford- survey a suspect (M on twitter spotted this one) twitter.com/causersisepic/status/15008495958526238… 14- Protecting one of our own- Richard T. Jones deserves an Emmy. I love how this showed the connection Angela and Grey have, they were fighting for each other. 15-Shooting at Del Monte- I watched this scene, and just instantly said to myself, "Oh yeah, remember the last time Del Monte got shot at?" nice that Chenford was in there too! 16-"Just Sleep"- Nolan and Grey scenes were soo good! 17-Nolan Art - crediting M on twitter again for spotting this one. twitter.com/causersisepic/status/15006866178788638… I don't own anything. All rights reserved to ABC. WATCH LIVE ON SUNDAYS AT 10/9C ON ABC OR DVR/HULU AND WATCH WITHIN 3 DAYS! NEW EPISODES RETURN APRIL 3!


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