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Title:The Whispering Death: The Bristol Beaufighter

With war clouds looming in Europe, the Royal Air Force found themselves lacking a long-range fighter that had considerable firepower. In 1938 realising this gap within the Inventory Bristol set off on a private venture to produce an aircraft to fulfill the need. The Beaufighter was born. Based off the Beaufort torpedo based, the Beaufighter would be one of the most heavily armed strike aircraft of the war. Entering service as a nightfighter, a role at which it excelled in, throughout its career it was adapted to undertake a variety of roles that included anti-shipping operations, ground attack and convoy protection. Known for being a rugged and hard hitting strike aircraft, it served with distinction in all major theatres of the Second World War. It was also supossedly nicknamed the ‘Whispering Death” by the Japanese. It saw service with 52 squadrons and 5,562 were built in Britain and a further 364 in Australia. Links: Purchase your official Tomato Eins merchandise here: www.tomatoeins.com.au/s/shop Follow Tomato Eins of Instagram: www.instagram.com/tomato_eins/ Enjoy and be sure to like and subscribe for more!✈ Disclaimer: All comments that are not from Tomato Eins in the comment section are not opinions of Tomato Eins. Images: Imperial War Museum San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives Australian War Memorial Sources: Books: Aircraft Made in Australia- Volume Two by Stewart Wilson Jane’s Fighting Aircraft of Worl War II Profile Publications No.137 Bristol Beaufighter I & II by Philip J. R. Moyes The Encyclopedia of Aircraft of World War II by Paul Eden The World Encyclopedia of Fighter & Bombers by Francis Crosby Websites: 211 Squadron: www.211squadron.org/bristol_beaufighter.html Aces Flying High: acesflyinghigh.wordpress.com BAE Systems: www.baesystems.com/en/heritage/bristol-156-beaufig… Classic Warbirds: www.classicwarbirds.co.uk/british-aircraft/bristol… History of War: www.historyofwar.org/articles/weapons_beaufighter_… Moorabbin Air Museum: www.aarg.com.au/dap-mk21-beaufighter.html National Museum of the United States Air Force: www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Visit/Museum-Exhibits/Fa… Royal Australian Air Force: www.airforce.gov.au/sites/default/files/minisite/s… ThoughtCo.: www.thoughtco.com/bristol-beaufighter-2360492 0:00-1:22 - Origins 1:22-1:58 - Prototype 1:58-3:19 - Mk.IF 3:19-4:27 - Mk.II 4:27-4:44 - Modifications 4:44-4:50 - Mk.III & Mk.IV 4:50-5:14 - Mk.V 5:14-6:39 - Mk.IC 6:39-7:35 - Mk.VI 7:35-8:23 - Mk.VIF 8:23-8:47 - Mk.VIC 8:47-9:20 - Far East Operations 9:20-9:32 - Mk.VII, Mk.VIII & Mk.IV 9:32-10:16 - Torpedo Testing 10:16-10:43 - American Beaufighters 10:43-11:46 - Mk.X 11:46-11:55 - Mk.XI 11:55-12:26 - Strike Wings 12:26-12:33 - Mk.XII 12:33-13:16 - Australian British Beaufighters 13:16-15:29 Australian Production, Mk.XXI 15:29-15:48 - TT.Mk.X 15:48-16:30 - Survivors 16:30-17:21 - Conclusion #bristolbeaufighter #worldwartwo #aviationhistory #history #aircraft #secondworldwar #beaufighter #whisperingdeath #WW2 #aviation #flying #documentary #raf


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