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Title:Radiohead - The Kid A Theory (Full Bootleg)

(In brief, this is a common bootleg that compiled by fans many years ago. It named as The Kid A Theory because the tracks are recorded or saved during Kid A era. Maybe it named like that because of that, i don't know exactly.)


00:00 Momentum Part 01
01:08 Everything In It's Right Place (Rollmottle Mix)
07:08 The Kid A Theory
11:45 Everyone (The National Anthem)
17:02 How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found
24:18 Treefingers (Extended)
33:19 Lost At Sea (In Limbo)
37:34 Mild Und Leise (Paul Lansky)
40:42 Idioteque (Lapetus Mix)
45:36 Momentum Part 02
47:27 Motion Picture Soundtrack (Acoustic)
50:25 Thief
55:42 Lift
59:19 Big Boots
01:03:23 Big Ideas (Nude - Acoustic)
01:08:02 Jonny's Techno
01:11:44 Kid A (Early)
01:16:06 Optimistic (Early)
01:20:48 Ed's Scary Song

In 1999 Kid A's work began with Ok Computer producer Nigel Godrich without a record release date (EMI). Yorke, who had creative control of the band, was faced with writer's block. His new songs were incomplete, and some consisted of little more than a drum machine and lyrics. The band practiced for a while and started recording in a Paris studio, but they turned that stuff down after a month and moved to Medley Studios in Copenhagen for 2 weeks. Some of the music from early 1999 was incorporated into the album, commonly unrecognizable in its original form (In limbo, originally called Lost at sea is from this period). According to the band members, the period was quite unproductive. O'Brien describes Radiohead's change in his musical style during this period as: "If you are going to make a change in the sound of the album, you have to change the methodology. And this is scary, everyone feels insecure. I am a guitarist and suddenly it's like, well, there are no guitars in this song, or drums. " Drummer Phil Selway also found this period difficult when trying to adjust to recording sessions.

In April 1999, recording work resumed at a Gloucestershire mansion before moving to the long-planned studio in Oxford, which was completed in September 1999. In line with Yorke's new musical direction, the band members they began to experiment with different instruments, and to learn "how to participate in a song without playing a note." The rest of the band gradually began to appreciate Yorke's passion for synthesized sounds. O'Brien said, "Everything is more open with today's technology. The permutations are endless." At the end of the year, six songs were completed, including the song that gives the album its title, Kid A.

In early 2000 Jonny Greenwood, the only Radiohead member trained in music theory, composed a string arrangement for How to dissapear completely, which was recorded with the St.John's Orchestra at Dorchester Abbey. He played the ondes martenot in that piece, just like in Optimistic and The National Anthem. Yorke played bass in The National Anthem, (known during the recording sessions as Everyone), a piece by Radiohead that they tried to record as side b for Ok computer. Trying again for Kid A, Yorke wanted to achieve a Charles Mingus-like trumpet sound, so he and Jonny "directed" jazz musicians to sound like a "traffic bottleneck." Jonny and his brother Colin Greenwood also began experimenting with samples from their own music or from other artists. An example of this experimentation is the use of a sample called Mild Und Leise by Paul Lansky, which represents the base of Idiotique, with Yorke's voice superimposed on the sample. Despite his change of direction in his music, Colin still describes Radiohead as a rock band.
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Originally, There was Kid 17 version of How To Disappear Competely. But, because of copyright I had to change it with alternate version :( Also Motion Picture Soundtrack..

Here's the original versions:
How to Disappear - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb2PA...
Motion Picture Soundtrack - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2WIv...

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