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Title:Salad Fingers 11: Glass Brother

Salad Fingers decides it’s time for Hubert Cumberdale to become a real boy. SALAD FINGERS MERCH: https://saladfingersstore.com (WE HAVE PLUSH TOYS!!) PATREON https://www.patreon.com/davidfirth TWITTER http://twitter.com/david_firth INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/davidfirth66/ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/DFsaladfingers/ I don't know why you haven't subscribed yet. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... This episode was funded by my lovely Patreon supporters: https://www.patreon.com/davidfirth Thanks especially to the POWER-Patroids. You will see their names in the credits. Please join us for more wonderful content. Music by Locust Toybox https://locusttoybox.bandcamp.com/ and Flying Lotus https://soundcloud.com/flyinglotus/il... Sound Design by Rob Wingfield http://www.yorkshiresoundrecordist.co... Buy a DVD of my Feature Length animation Umbilical World https://brainfeederfilms.lnk.to/umbil... #saladfingers #animation SUPER-PATROIDS: Alex Kramer John Paul Potesta Harry Cloud Brandon Eggleston Michael Single Madeleine Toland Odin Jurray Steven Walker Stevie Hryciw Renee Carter Jean-david Gadina Steven Rauchberg Brian Neumann Alex Williams Jesse Walker Knut Olsen Brian Schroeder Austin Butcher Cem Kocu Joe Cugini Cara Hups Edward Pailing Saku Talvela Smokey Alexander Pavlyak Jeffrey Brett Coleman The Crow Butler Karl Page Grunkle T. Tiro Marie Manifest Pain Alex Makridakis Gabriella Marlisa Zamora Eric Crump Shane Mckenna Stephen Kraus Lalo Rrorro I Heiriku López Sashida Jack Nicholls Christopher Askin Helen Dyer Qua Couron Hang Boy Greg Knox Michael Monteiro Kattin Labrosse Aaron Roberts Michael Boharsik Robin Fernandes Ennibal Michael Graf Bloodpusandrust Zan Miller Sam Wiseman Che Patterson Rob Hill Christian Battista Fabian Eisl Ryan Lloyd Jeremiah Washburn Kaleb Hickerson Wilmothebear Mollie Heckerling Mf Cappiello Ville Suomalainen Ian Jurica Emily Crim Oney Nomar Otruc Edliw Plushine Mack Kyle Mendes


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