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Title:Edward II's Dangerous Favour: Piers Gaveston and Hugh Despenser

I saw quite a few requests for this video after I mentioned the topic in my Ranulf Flambard one. We’re not just looking at Hugh Despenser though, we’ve got Piers Gaveston as well… I hope you enjoy this video and find it interesting! Please subscribe and click the bell icon to be updated about new videos. Also, if you want to get in touch, please comment down below or find me on social media: Instagram: katrina.marchant Twitter: @kat_marchant Clubhouse: @kat_marchant TikTok: @katrina_marchant Email: readingthepastwithdrkat@gmail.com Intro / Outro song: Silent Partner, "Greenery" [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeIkb...] SFX from freesfx.co.uk/Default.aspx Linked videos and playlists: “Escape the Tower: Ranulf Flambard”: https://youtu.be/et_7okQqgnM Images (from Wikimedia Commons, unless otherwise stated): Early fourteenth-century manuscript initial showing Edward I of England and Eleanor of Castile wearing their crowns. Originally reproduced in Morris, Marc (2008) A Great and Terrible King: Edward I and the Forging of Britain (updated ed.), London: Hutchinson, p. illustrations btw. pp. 142 & 143. Edward I creating his son, Edward of Caernarvon (the later King Edward II), Prince of Wales, 1301. Text reads "Eduuardus factus est princeps Wallie" (Edward is made Prince of Wales). (British Library, MS Cotton Nero.D.II. fol. 191v). The painting ”Edward II and his Favourite, Piers Gaveston” by Marcus Stone (1872). Held in an unknown private collection. Philip IV of France and his family: l-r: his sons, Charles IV of France and Philip V of France, his daughter Isabella of France (wife of Edward II of England), himself, his eldest son and heir the King of Navarre, Louis X of France, and his brother, Charles of Valois. This copy is listed as being from mariegalatee.typepad.com/astrologie_et_histoire/20…. Original vellum manuscript dated 1313, filed as Ms Lat 8504 f.1v, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France. Author anonymous. An illuminated detail from BL Royal MS 20 A ii, Chronicle of England [folio 10], showing Edward II of England receiving his crown (between c. 1307 and c. 1327). Held and digitised by the British Library. Guy de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick standing over the decapitated body of Piers Gaveston from the Rous Rolls by John Rous (15th century). Scanned from Hicks, Michael (1991) Who's Who in Late Medieval England (1272-1485), Who's Who in British History Series, 3, London-Walwyn, p. p. 45. Detail of an illustration from Froissart's Chronicles of a meeting between Isabella of France, Queen of England, and her brother, Charles IV of France, in 1325 (1475). Originally reproduced at: expositions.bnf.fr/flamands/grand/fr_2643_001.htm A miniature showing the future Edward III giving homage to Charles IV of France under the guidance of Edward's mother, and Charles' sister, Isabella, in 1325 (15th century). Originally from visualiseur.bnf.fr/ConsulterElementNum?O=IFN-07846… original filed as MS Fr. 2662, Bibliothèque Nationale France. Isabella landing in England with her son, the future Edward III in 1326, from Grandes Chroniques de France, fol. 338 verso (c.1460). Held by the Bibliothèque nationale de France. Siege of Bristol in 1326 by Queen Isabella, where Edward II, his counsellors and favourites (the Despensers) have taken up refuge (15th century). Held by the Bibliothèque nationale de France (Panel 4 of BnF MS fr 2663 f.6r). Edmund FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel and Hugh Despenser the Elder (or Hugh Despenser the Younger) before Queen Isabella. 15th-century manuscript illumination from Froissart's Chronicles by the Boethius Master. Originally from The Online Froissart. Detail showing the arrest of Edward II (15th century). Originally from visualiseur.bnf.fr/ConsulterElementNum?O=IFN-08100… original filed as Bibliothèque Nationale MS Fr. 2675, France. 15th-century manuscript illustration that depicts Isabella and allegedly Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March at Hereford; the execution of Hugh Despenser the Younger can be seen in the background (between 1471 and 1483). Held by the British Library. Royal MS 14 E IV, fol. 316v. Illustration of the execution of Hugh the Younger Despenser, from a manuscript of Froissart (1470s). Held by the Bibliotheque Nationale MS Fr. 2643, folio 11r. Quoted texts: The Chronicle of Lanercost – available at: archive.org/details/chronicleoflaner00maxwuoft ODNB entry on Hugh Despenser the Younger by J. S. Hamilton. #History #EdwardII #Treason


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