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Title:Restoring a 4-6-2 Pacific in 35 Minutes! - Soo Line 2719

Get this action packed program here: www.pletsexpress.com/fnimall/Plets/0242719R/vid_tr… The Soo Line 2719 was originally built for the Soo Line Railroad in 1923. The Soo 2719 is an ALCO H-23 class 4-6-2 Pacific type steam locomotive. The steamer was used by the Soo Line in passenger train service until its retirement in 1959. In 1960, the Soo Line then donated the 2719 to the city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin where it proudly sat on display in Carson Park. In 1996 the Locomotive & Tower Preservation Fund took on the task of rebuilding this beautiful locomotive to operating condition. This video covers the fascinating stages of the two year restoration that brought this steam locomotive back to life. The full 92 minute program highlights include: • Film footage of the last runs in 1959 • The move to Carson Park in 1960 via Soo Line & Milwaukee Road • Wintertime removal from Carson Park in 1996 • Highway transport from Eau Claire, WI to Altoona, WI • C&NW operational roundhouse and turntable! • Various stages of rebuilding in the Altoona Roundhouse • Operating turntable scenes with Soo 2719 & the Soo 1003 • TWO operating steam locomotives in a roundhouse! WOW! • 2719 test firing and test runs at the Altoona yard • Ferry trip over the UPRR and Wisconsin Central RR to Osceola, WI • Additional break-in runs on the Osceola and St. Croix Valley Railway Running Time: 92 Minutes • 4:3 Aspect • Narration ON/OFF • Rail Map Included • Blu-Ray or DVD This program available here from Plets Express: www.pletsexpress.com/fnimall/Plets/0242719R/vid_tr… Here's some chapters for y'all: 00:00 Introduction 01:01 Soo Line 2719 in Carson Park 02:29 Transport by truck to Altoona, WI 04:30 Arrival at Altoona Roundhouse 05:55 Removing the pilot wheels 06:44 Removal of damaged left cylinder liner 09:30 Prepping the boiler for a patch 08:47 Machining the damaged left cylinder 10:40 Patching the boiler 11:23 Cutting and installing boiler flues 12:16 How a steam locomotive works 12:35 Machining the new left cylinder at Checker Machine 13:47 Installation of the new left cylinder sleeve 16:14 Machining a piston rod 17:05 Runaway Tender!!! (really, it almost did get away!) 17:58 Installing a brand new engine cab 19:16 The first test firing in 38 years! 20:13 Installation of the boiler jacket 20:35 Setup of the cross head guide 20:51 Installing the right side piston 22:12 Painting the SOO 2719 22:49 Re-Installing the overhauled engine appliances 25:44 SOO 2719 Test Runs after 30 months of restoration! 28:33 Some finishing touches, a beauty queen needs her makeup ;-) 29:09 Working on the braking system 29:22 Last minute work on the eve of departure 29:53 TWO fired up steamers in Altoona roundhouse!! First time in 41 years! (my favorite shot) 30:16 Leaving Altoona on ferry trips over UPRR and WC to Osceola, WI 32:26 Arrival at WC's CF Yard 32:51 Run-by on the WC West of Boyceville, WI 33:36 Arrival at Osceola, WI copyright © 1999 Plets Express Inc.


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