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Title:Caterpillar & the Butterfly | Grace Life Podcast | Joel & Friends

[Tuesday Morning Podcast, 2/23/21] Come join Pastor Joel & friends to talk about Christian News & living the grace life! PTL! (Click “SHOW MORE”) Download a free copy of Pastor Joel’s new book, “Empowered by His Grace!” t.ly/wZh8 Bryan Ross has a new book on E.W. Bullinger! Get it in print and/or on Kindle! In print: t.ly/Nan0 | Kindle: t.ly/fysv | Video t.ly/PNts Check out Greg Resor’s Digital Radio Station! Grace Messages 24/7! t.ly/uOuH Stock up on hard copies of grace books! Berean Bible Society t.ly/EXZA | Grace Publications t.ly/PgBI | Dispensational Publishing House t.ly/X3tx | Parsons t.ly/fPxB | Also, get connected with grace newsletters t.ly/5X20 Join the ministry! Sign up for Grace School of the Bible t.ly/haX4 | Berean Bible Institute t.ly/R2U9 --------------------------------------- FBC on Social Media: Connect with Pastor Joel! FB: www.facebook.com/david.hayes.790 Twitter: twitter.com/OurBlessedHope Parler: parler.com/profile/JoelDHayes/posts Gab: gab.com/jdh1101 Minds: www.minds.com/joeldhayes/ MeWe: mewe.com/i/joelhayes6 Connect with Pastor Fred! FB: www.facebook.com/FredBekemeyer Connect with Pastor Hal! FB: www.facebook.com/hal.bekemeyer Connect with Fellowship Bible Church! FB: www.facebook.com/FellowshipBibleChurchOrlando Odysee: odysee.com/@FBC_Orlando:d See also: Got Eternal Life? www.fellowshipbiblechurchorlando.org/salvation This is EPIC: free Grace Goodies: www.fellowshipbiblechurchorlando.org/free-goodies Support the Ministry: www.fellowshipbiblechurchorlando.org/donate Come join us! We’re really friendly. www.fellowshipbiblechurchorlando.org/find-us --------------------------------------- Grace Spotlight: Download the details for Brother Marshall’s Conference March 17 & 18: t.ly/ST6S Pastor Hal’s 2 for 1 Sunday Messages on “Are you Gifted?” Part 1 t.ly/of4W | Part 2 t.ly/VdBM David O’Steen on The Last Days t.ly/lVEg Bryan Ross starts Col. 3 t.ly/2RjQ Kevin Hobbs asks the question, “can a believer be saved and not have Christ formed in you?” t.ly/WaXR Ricky Jr. on a Spirit-Filled life t.ly/1Kla Stam says “It’s Time to Wake Up” t.ly/gFYM and he asks the question, “When was Christ officially declared to be the Son of God?” t.ly/C9ZV Christian News: Lifetime Cancels D. James Kennedy Ministries Programs Due to 'Controversial' Biblical Programming t.ly/RHlo | Discovery+ to Feature Film on Jesus' Resurrection ahead of Easter t.ly/XXwK Breaking the Glass Steeple’s Jory Micah Ditches the Bible, Now Trusts her own ‘Inner Guidance System’ t.ly/qxN2 | Shane Claiborne Says Problem With Tower of Babel Was Lack of Ethnic Diversity t.ly/GGGk | Steven Furtick Says God Told Moses “I am” Because We Are Just Like God Is t.ly/YXWx China expands unrelenting crackdown against Christians t.ly/0rF1 | Canada Calls it a Genocide t.ly/xbaM | But China Rejects Genocide Charge in Xinjiang t.ly/0geW Coup in Myanmar Follows History of Severe Religious Freedom Violations t.ly/SUtr | Protesters defy military warning in mass strike t.ly/PYuY | Myanmar's Asylum Seekers In Malaysia Face Uncertain Deportation To Military Regime t.ly/LA2a Brexit leader Nigel Farage has warned that there is a “communist takeover” of large swaths of Britain’s private education sector t.ly/0S1H Biden Urges Congress to 'Swiftly Pass' Equality Act that Would Let Boys Play on Girls' Teams t.ly/ygWK | Puts Christian Hiring Policies in Jeopardy t.ly/IyuU | Trojan Horse for Abortion Lobby t.ly/SVv3 | Amazon Removes Scholar's Trans-Critical Book t.ly/pe4q French Postmodern Chickens Come Home to Roost t.ly/WLiX Fathers Granted Veto Power over Abortion, Under Proposed Tennessean Bill t.ly/HZKL | One in Four Pro-Life Students “Threatened, Abused, Alarmed or Distressed” for Being Pro-Life at University t.ly/5c5Y Dr. Voddie Baucham Says He Almost Died amid Heart Failure Diagnosis t.ly/DIcO Shauna Niequist apologizes for her silence following father Bill Hybels' downfall t.ly/UMJV Pope Francis is due to hold an inter-religious Chrislam prayer service at the ancient Mesopotamian site of Ur when he visits Iraq next week t.ly/GVSd | Catholic Cardinal Who Warned About Death of Western Civilization Removed by Pope t.ly/g0Wv A Lesson From Esther, for Such a Time as This t.ly/ankH


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