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Title:Let Go, Heal & Be Happy | 432 Hz Soft Healing Music To Activate Love | Heal Your Body, Mind & Soul

Let Go, Heal & Be Happy💗 432 Hz Beautiful Soft Healing Music To Activate Love | Love Yourself & Heal Your Body, Mind & Soul | Heal & Allow Yourself To Be Happy | You are worthy of love. You are worthy of your own love💗 Welcome, Dear Soul💗 We present this soft, beautiful, and healing 432 Hz music to assist our listeners to deepen their self-love, acceptance, compassion, and worth. Through self-love and self-care we heal profoundly. Relax deeply, and allow this music to gently carry you home to your natural state of love, joy, and inner peace. This content can be used for meditation, manifestation, prayer, sleep, or any healing rituals. “Music based on 432hz will support humanity on its way towards spiritual freedom. “ – Rudolph Steiner. Read more about 432 Hz below. 💗 POSITIVE I AM Affirmations For Deeper Love💗 I am ready to release all feelings of unworthiness. I use my heart as a compass to show me the way. I trust the process. I surrender control of the things I cannot change. I trust the universe is working on my behalf, sorting out everything for my highest good. I let go, and I allow myself to heal. I am always safe and divinely guided. I realize that I have made it through all of that. It has been an uphill battle from time to time, but I am grateful for the lessons I have learned. I am strong. I am wise. I am capable. I am willing to trust myself deeply. I trust in my wisdom. I trust my heart. I trust the intelligence of my body. I trust my Soul. There is only one me. I embrace myself just as I am, and I allow others to embrace me just as I am. I am worthy of my own love and appreciation. I accept and love myself just as I am. I am safe to be me. I am safe to share my authentic self with the people in my life. I allow myself to feel. I am fully connected and present with my emotions. I am here for myself with love and care. I am compassionate with myself and others. The world needs my light, I allow myself to shine bright. 💗Repeat for 21 days to experience astonishing results💗 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✨💗Download our music for unlimited offline listening💗✨ selfhealingcollective.com/downloads/let-go-heal-be… ✨🌸Royalty-Free Music Chillvibration.com🌸✨ We run a Royalty-free music store Chillvibration.com where we upload the music we post here on our YouTube channel Self-Healing Collective as Royalty-free songs. With a royalty-free license, you can use our music in your next guided meditation project, as background music on your own YouTube channel, for your podcast, video game etc. You can buy royalty-free licenses to our music at Chillvibration.com: chillvibration.com/product/let-go-heal-be-happy/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Solfeggio frequencies make up an ancient 6-tone audio scale that is said to date back to biblical times and carry divine-like properties. In recent times, each frequency has been found to carry a specific set of healing, well-being, and spiritual benefits that it affords the listener. These include DNA repair, relief from past traumas and opening the soul to spiritual experiences. This music is tuned in the deep healing frequency of 432 HZ. 🌸 Learn more about the healing Solfeggio frequencies🌸 selfhealingcollective.com/hea... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read More: INFO ON PRAYER: selfhealingcollective.com/pra​... INFO ON MEDITATION: selfhealingcollective.com/med​... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHO ARE WE? We at Self-Healing Collective have a deep passion for music, spirituality, prayer, mindfulness, nature, healing, and creativity. We wish to inspire and create a peaceful and safe space here on Youtube for self-healing, spiritual growth, prayer, meditation, and divine connection through our music and visual content. What we wish for you: Inner peace, healing, positive growth, purpose, understanding, and connections. What we believe in: The love of God, Power of the mind, spirituality, growth, oneness, meditation, and wisdom. What we stand for: Empowerment through self-healing and that all of us have great power within. What we support: Everything that promotes health, personal, physical, and spiritual growth. What we care about: The evolution of our people and the direction we are going collectively as a species. We wish to assist the earth in raising the collective vibration. We care about and love the planet that is our home. We support you on your path of self-discovery and growth. Our spirit greets yours. Infinite love to all, Christine & Hanne


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