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Title:Becoming a Lady | Episode 105

To watch "Becoming a Lady | Episode 106": https://youtu.be/dY7VUhaHFAw To Subscribe to YouTube Channel of Becoming a Lady: bit.ly/2RezmaM A love story winding through the ghettos of Istanbul to the upper class shopping areas of the city... A young girl, a street vendor in Istanbul and a musician – an academic who is determined to make this girl a star... They meet at a street wedding. A bet with a friend means he must educate an unschooled gypsy girl and make her a diva. It may only be a bet for him, but for her it is her only chance to escape poverty. She accepts the fact that she must leave home, but is unaware how ruthless her new master is. She must train her voice and learn to dress, eat, sit, talk and walk like a lady. She will also learn how to love... Hasret migrated from Thrace to Istanbul as a child and now scrapes a living and shares a house with her entire family, step-sister Gülnaz, brothers Kadir and Özgür and her father Burhan. Murat is a music professor at a university and a bright young composer. He is writing and composing music and all the top singers of the country are queuing up to work with him. A twist of fate brings Hasret in to his life... A man meets a young girl and helps her touch the stars – and she finds her way in to his heart. Murat and Levent visit a street wedding to listen to the musicians and they see Hasret singing. He makes a bet with Levent that he can make her a star. She accepts his offer as it is the only way to save her father from imprisonment, her brother Kadir from earning a living as a thief and her elder sister from working as a tailor to make ends meet and to take care of her and Kadir. She moves to Murat's house but she does not seem to be welcome in this upper class residence. First Murat's mother, Nesrin disapproves of the new guest. The dialogue between Hasret and Nesrin gets tense, funny and often unbearable. Despite the fact that they both want to give up from time to time, neither Murat or Hasret can quit what they have started. During Hasret's transformation, the master-student relationship turns into a love story, overcoming their differences and prejudices. Characters: Tuba Büyüküstün, Cansel Elçin, Günay Karacaoğlu, Onur Saylak, Umut Kurt, Ünal Silver, Tuna Orhan, Ayda Aksel #gonulcelenespanol #convirtiendoseenunadama Para ver todos los capítulos de Convirtiéndose en Una Dama | Gonulcelen doblados al español: 👉 bit.ly/3zyRjVo


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