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Title:Clean Code - Uncle Bob / Lesson 5

↓↓ ENGLISH DESCRIPTION ↓↓ "Coding Better World Together" is a set of master lessons from the famous Uncle Bob (Robert Cecil Martin), where he gives us a broad vision of the importance and future of Software in today's society. In this fifth lesson, Uncle Bob criticizes the culture of "making a disaster as quickly as possible" to generate economic gains, obtaining in the long term, exactly the opposite effect, due to a generalized lack of awareness, about the importance and purpose of a good Software Architecture. In this chapter, you will learn the fundamentals of software architecture, its rules, the value of discipline in the production of quality code, and the responsibility of disseminating the need to implement these good practices in the community of programmers. ↓↓ DESCRIPCION EN ESPAÑOL ↓↓ "Coding Better World Together" es un conjunto de lecciones magistrales del famoso tío Bob (Robert Cecil Martin), donde nos brinda una visión amplia de la importancia y el futuro del software en la sociedad actual. En esta quinta lección, el tío Bob hace una crítica a la cultura de "hacer un desastre tan rápido como se pueda" para generar ganancias económicas, obteniendo al largo plazo, exactamente el efecto contrario, debido a una falta de conciencia generalizada, acerca de la importancia y el propósito de una buena Arquitectura de Software. En este capítulo aprenderás los fundamentos de la Arquitectura de software, sus reglas, el valor de la disciplina en la producción de código de calidad, y la responsabilidad de diseminar en la comunidad de programadores la necesidad de poner por obra estas buenas practicas. 0:00 Opening. 3:25 Dick Vlot about Architecture and Agile Software Development. 9:30 Presentation of Uncle Bob. 11:19 Diffraction: Why do incandescent lights glow? 15:27 Architecture Introduction / I've built lots of apps / "I want to be a programmer" anecdote. 26:09 The Architecture rules are independent of every other variable. 29:21 Working vs. Right. 30:45 What is Design in Architecture? 31:50 What is the goal of Software Architecture? 33:28 Case study of bad Architecture. 38:55 Executive View / What went wrong / Secret to going fast. 44:43 Messes aren't faster even in the short term. 48:15 Solution of the Executive's Dilema / Two Values of Sofware. 52:41 Behavior / Are we going to see self driving cars? 1:00:14 Scope vs. Shape / Stakeholders want changes. 1:10:33 Urgency and Importance / Eisenhower Matrix. 1:13:09 Fight for the Architecture. 1:15:14 A Rails App / The web is a Ddelivery Mechanism. 1:19:06 Architecture Floor Plans / A Use Case Driven Approach. 1:24:05 Interactors / Entities / Interfaces Objects. 1:27:11 Request Model. 1:30:21 What about MCV? / Design Patterns / How MCV goes wrong as a web Architecture. 1:34:53 Model View Presenter / Dependency Rule. 1:39:10 What about the Database? / The Database is a detail / ORM 1:48:00 Fitnesse: a wiki page porject development. 1:53:54 A good Architecture allows major decisions to be defered! / About IntelliJ and Visual Studio. 2:03:44 Frameworks / Plugin Model. ↓↓ OUR MODEL OF SOCIETY ↓↓ - mutualwelfare.org/ ↓↓ NUESTRO MODELO DE SOCIEDAD ↓↓ - bienestarmutuo.org/ ↓↓ OUR CRIPTOCURRENCY FOR MONETARY FREEDOM - NUESTRA CRIPTOMONEDA PARA LA LIBERTAD MONETARIA ↓↓ - unitycoin.net/ - PRESENTATION: unitycoin.net/presentation/ ↓↓ OUR PAYMENT FRANCHISE - NUESTRA FRANQUICIA DE PAGOS ↓↓ - sbmlibre.com/ ↓↓ OUR SOCIAL PACT - NUESTRO PACTO SOCIAL ↓↓ - e-nation.org/ - PRESENTATION: e-nation.org/presentation/ ↓↓ OUR SOCIAL NETWORKS - NUESTRAS REDES SOCIALES↓↓ - Facebook: es-la.facebook.com/unitycoin/ - Twitter: twitter.com/unity_coin


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