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Title:Отель Анталии для комфортного проживания в период покупки квартиры

Antalya today offers a video where I specifically for my subscribers found and told about an economy class hotel located in the very center of Antalya. Yeşılyurt Hotel will suit you instead of renting an apartment, because as you yourself understand, renting an apartment for a short time is almost impossible. The Yeşılyurt Hotel has a Russian-speaking director named Alena, who will help in solving various household and not only issues. I believe that this option will be not only convenient, but also financially beneficial.

Director of Yeşılyurt Hotel Alena
Phone / WhatsApp: +905531676341
Telegram: https://t.me/yesilyurtotel
Official website: https://yesilyurtotel.su/
Address on the booking website: https://clck.ru/Tdoay

For the convenience of my subscribers, I made time codes to go to the question of interest:
00:00 Introduction
00:32 Hotel lobby overview
01:34 Single room overview
04:28 Review of the double room
06:55 Review of a double room with a separate kitchen
10:05 How many numbers. The cost
12:46 What documents need to be provided for check-in
14:12 How to book a hotel room
15:16 Do I need a deposit
15:55 What's in the room
16:57 Refrigerator, heating, kitchen, laundress
18:38 Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the room
21:23 Is there a place nearby where you can eat
21:53 Various shops nearby
26:02 Transfer to the hotel
28:03 Will they be woken up at the appointed time
29:12 Does the hotel have free Wi-Fi
30:10 Minimum rental period
32:24 What leisure is available
35:35 Is there a hairdresser service
37:50 What are the requirements in connection with the coronavirus
43:40 Is there a safe in the room
45:38 Additional services
46:47 Bicycle rental
47:20 Laundry service
50:09 Discounts and promotions
54:46 Is there a laptop rental
57:45 Potential inconveniences


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