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Title:Early Western Slavic History

My second channel M. Laser Random- /channel/UCOEt53JAqyL_OkE5Oq-bIkg My Patreon- www.patreon.com/mlaser My Twitter- twitter.com/MnLaser Video scripts with sources are available for free on my Patreon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0:21 Borders during this time changed almost monthly on occasion and there for the borders I will draw in this video are a snapshot of the borders of a kingdom only at one point and aren't representative of the borders during the whole kingdoms existence. I also draw all the borders my self according to the best sources at my disposable and there for I apologies for any border mistakes I may have done. 0:47 The map is suppose to represent Slavic settlements not any political entities. As the Slavic people often times then not settled in already existing political entities. 0:56 It was given by Jordanes not Procopius. 1:40 The golden jug medallion picture I used to represent the Avars is still disputed whether it was Avar's or Bulgar's or Khazar's. 1:39 The arrow symbolizes the movement of Lombards a Germanic tribe that lived in the lands settled by the Slavs and then pushed out by the invasion of the Avars. 2:02 Here I describe and show the Franks as one entity however that wasn't always the case. Franks had a complicated set of dominions with varies amounts of autonomy (like Bavaria) and most succession resulted in varies break ups, wars and reforms, etc. 3:10 Here I am showing the map of the most outer reaches of the Samo's kingdom/sphere of influence and as always it just represents a snapshot of the kingdom at its peak. 6:08 Here I am talking about the title surviving till 1918 not necessarily the hereditary Slavic line surviving. 9:14 It is usually said that Rastislav called for the priests because he wanted to convert the Moravian population however this has been disproved as Christian churches have been found dating decades earlier to Cyril and Methodist arrival. 9:16 Weather the brothers where native Slavic speakers or learned it later on in their lives is unknown. 9:30 I was trying to pronounce the English name for the alphabet which is Glagolitic. However I found it impossible to do the rest of the video pronouncing such a hard word so I reverted to the Czechoslovak name of the alphabet which is Hlaholika. (in Czech Hlaholice) 9:30 The Alphabet was based off of the Greek alphabet and modified to fit certain Slavic sounds that didn't exist in Greek. 11:40 The extend of Moravia was the largest under Svatopluk's reign however it's still debated how large Moravia really was. Here I am showing the largest possible extend of Moravia. 12:20 There are more reasons then just this to why the Western Slavs use Latin alphabet and there for I specified this was partly not fully the reason. There will still be remnants of Glagolitic reinstatement in the Western Slavic lands but they will never last for long. 13:00 We are jumping back here to explain how Hungarians became more known on the European political stage. As such please understand that the Moravian lands at this point still weren't the size as portrayed on the map. 13:18 The internal struggles where largely due to Mojmir's II brothers who inherited varies principalities with in Moravia and subsequently tried to take over the Moravian thrown for them self's. There's also an interesting myth surrounding Svatopluk's death which you can read here. www.slovakiasite.com/legends.php 13:41 This is very oversimplified and the Franks and Moravians didn't necessarily see eye to eye during this time but over all they did fight against the Hungarians. 13:59 It would take a while for the German (Bohemian) and Hungarian control to fully solidify in the areas but from now they where largely under their control. 14:49 Correction: Piast dynasty, not Mieszko dynasty 15:09 Dobrawa bore two children to Miesko. First, Boleslaw I a successor to the Polish throne even though his reign would be very short but more interestingly a daughter. This daughter is still debated to this day and depending on what source you believe she was either Swietoslawa the wife of Eric the Victorious, king of Sweden and then later on (because he died) Sweyn Forkbeard the king of Denmark and their son will later on become Cnut the Great king of Denmark, England and Norway. Or she was Gunhilda not born to Dobrawa but to Miesko’s second Saxon wife. Gunhilda was then the one who got married to Sweyn Forkbeard and became mother of Cnut. If that’s confusing don’t worry no one really knows for sure which version is accurate. Or whether any of them are. 15:15 Here I show the largest extend of Miesko's power however this will not last long. My video scripts are available on Patreon. #History #Slavic #WesternSlavs


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