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Title:Christianity Decline US Gummy Bear Watered Down Christianity

Christinity decline us. No shock that Christianity is declining in the US and a general moral decline in America. I look at Barna State of the Church 2021 Study and look as his most recent stats on the current state of the church. The results are shocking. I think this moment changed my life and gave me more of a firm resolved that i have to build this YouTube channel. No denying now christinity decline in usa.

336 million Americans
176 million Christian Americans (80 to 100 Million Evangelical Christians)
160 million non Christians
****Only 10 million with a biblical worldview
Only 6% of Christians with a biblical worldview
Only 3% of the total American population would have a biblical worldview
5 out of 6 churches do not have a biblical worldview
Out of 360,000 houses of worship only 30,000 churches would have a biblical world view which means they believe and express biblically values

This means that the current state of the church runs there service based on the experience people are having instead of preaching the truth. We have a watered down Christinity be preached in the pulpits. Peoples world view is more shaped by the culture then the kingdom of God.

People are biblical Illiterate
People have little to no devotional life
Most Christians are having a second hand experience with God instead of knowing him directly
People moral standards are lower and they can’t hold the line on controversial issues

What we can do
Help people become more biblical literate and educated on tough issues
Help people to have a relationship directly with God
Teach people to take a stand on controversial and political issues
Teach Christians how to vote and to get Anti Christ leadership politicians who promote lawlessness

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Looking for a Christian Youtube Channels or a Christian Youtubers to watch then Look no further. The Torn Curtain Christian Youtube channel is for you. So let me tell you a little bit about myself if your interested. Josh has a degree in Applied Psychology from NYU and went to seminary at Bethel University and ORU University. Josh spent several years in full time ministry youth & college ministry. He also helped plant a large church in Long Island NY which is no one of the fastest growing churches in America. For the last decade I have attended New Life Fellowship Church in NYC home of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship which is in 800 churches and 30 nations started by Peter Scazzero. I worked under Pete teaching the course and getting mentorship from him. Josh also led living waters and cross current at the church which is a program for the sexual broken and the LBGTQ community. Josh also worked on the Inner Healing and Deliverance Team. Josh is now a student at Orbis School of Ministry run by Ken Fish. Josh is in the process of building Torn Curtain ministry to bring revival, renewal, and reformation of the church. I would also like to plant and church and a house of prayer in NYC.

Contact me at josh@torncurtain.org


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