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Title:I'M SO SORRY _ Non/Disney Villains Tribute

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING, THANKS PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING, THANKS This video is no profit, all the credits and merit go to their respective owners of the movies and music. I just wanted to make a fan-made video for fun. This video is NOT intended for an audience of children. -------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING, THANKS 1) Non/Disney is the term that has been used for 10 years in the community to define AMV-like videos (and manips) created with content both from Disney (the better-known majority) and from others animation studios. That's where the term Non/Disney comes from, to make things easier. 2) The choice I made for the villains was not accidental and I have deliberately inserted anti-heroes and simple antagonists. Because I didn't want to do the usual video with the usual villains, and some even have the part in the video where I tried to empathize with them (since at the end, some of them are just victim). Why did I leave the word "villains" in the title? Because the longer a title is, the worse it is shared by YouTube. So take "Villains" as a multi-faceted macro topic, a characterization with shades of grey. Nothing is black or white. Also, the reason why I didn't use Kai from Kung Fu Panda is that there's an ENTIRE VIDEO with him, entirely dedicated to him. Video that happens to be the inspiration behind this video of mine. If you want to see this wonderful edit, go here: https://youtu.be/F1Vgu237AbU In any case, my choices are stylistic: I didn't use other villains for a variety of reasons. I know Kai exists, I know the song is based on him and I actively chose NOT to use him in the video. 3) The word "Tribute". I don't want in any way to exalt or glorify the ACTIONS or deeds of any character featured in this video. Most of them are pure and simple villains, so they obviously did some horrible things. Honestly, if you see this video as glorifying bad deeds in general I think you have completely missed the point. Especially with Griffith. I remember that in this video we have: serial k1ll€rs, gen0cid€s of entire populations, a clear reference to the SS, representations of the worst side of capitalism (and animals k1ll€rs), murd€r0us pirates and thieves, kidnappers of little girls, manipulators, tyrants and power 4busers. The least serious cases we have is a s€xist m1sogynist and a villain-victim (who anyways had committed crimes during the story). What a wonderful childhood we had, if you think about it. The tribute is direct to how the characters are characterized, the work that went into creating them, their backstory and what makes them special in a NARRATIVE and media context. Not in the real world. And Griffith has one of the best character development and backstory (thank you Kentaro) which bring him where is now: to be the absolute WORST/BEST villain ever created in media history. He is a villain at 360 degrees, what he does in his history is so terrible and to those who do those things (I remember his whole friends and more). He's one of the worst bad guys on media and deserves to be in this video, which is literally filled with horrible characters (in an ethical sense of the term). Because I got tired of being told I shouldn't have put Griffith on because he did too horrible things. YES, that's exactly the point. Is the TOP of the WORST. Like many others in the video (not everybody), he is a HORRIBLE person and does HORRIBLE things. Also because, I would like to remind you, according to the reasoning of some users, Griffith is not ok but the murd€r€rs of ethnic groups and s€rial k1ll€rs are. The problem is only Griffith, not the mass-murd€r€d or the kidnappers. Please, I ask you to contextualize things correctly. Thank you. And remember: this video is NOT FOR KIDS. -------------------------------------------------------------------- And we're finally here! I started this back in August and I've admittedly been procrastinating a lot, but I've finally pushed myself (I hate leaving things unfinished) and it's finally done! Special thanks to KichaaSDL, who has served as inspiration for this video! Consider this a mix between Animash and Non/Disney (which still doesn't have a proper name and I'm not happy about it) -------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG: ImagineDragons - I’m So Sorry (https://youtu.be/0HgJwrwEEKQ) FOOTAGES by: Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, BlueSkyStudios, Warner Bros, Don Bluth, Studio Ghibli, Paramount, Alexandre Astier e Louis Clichy, Sony Pictures Animation, Universal Studios, Studio 4°C, Aardman Animation, Laika, LLC. PROGRAMS: Adobe Premiere Pro CC2020 / Adobe After Effects CC2020 EDIT BY: Hades' Cave (ex LairaWolf97)


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