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Title:Overnight Smoked Brisket Recipe | How to Cook a Brisket on a Pellet Grill

We take a Choice grade brisket from a local supermarket and show you how to cook it overnight (while still getting sleep) with delicious results. Subscribe to this channel: youtube.com/c/thebarbecuelab/ Social Media (Let’s Connect!) Instagram: www.instagram.com/barbecuelabs/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/barbecuelab/ Twitter: twitter.com/barbecuelab/ Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/barbecuelab/ Website: thebarbecuelab.com/ Mail Call - Want to send something? 12175 Visionary Way #240 Fishers, IN 46038 My Smokers: Pellet Smoker: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/traeger-ironwood… Best Portable Grill: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/pbcjr-14in/ Charcoal Gravity Fed: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/masterbuilt-grav… Griddle: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/pit-boss-standar… XXL Kamado: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/kj-big-joe-3/ Large Kamado: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/vision-s-series/ Pellet Grill: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/pitboss-austin-x… Thermometers: Instant Read Thermometer: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/thermoworks-ther… 6 Probe WiFi Thermometer: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/fireboard-2-driv… Bluetooth Thermometer: www.thermoworks.com/DOT?tw=BBQLAB 2 channel Thermometer: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/thermoworks-smok… Oven Thermometer: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/rubbermaid-oven-… Probe spools: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/thermoworks-prob… My Knives: Chef knife: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/wusthof-grand-pr… Everyday Knives: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/wusthof-grand-pr… Fancy Knives: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/shun-premier-col… Strong Knives: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/dalstrong-gladia… Brisket Knife: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/dalstrong-slicin… Often Used Equipment: Cutting board: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/epicurean-24x18x… Barbecue Tongs: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/bbq-tongs/ Butt Lifter: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/large-spatula/ Grill Turner : www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/grill-turner/ Cast Iron Skillet: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/lodge-10-in-cast… Cast Iron Pan: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/dual-handle-cast… BBQ Equipment: Sear Grates: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/grill-grates/ Flamethrower: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/grill-gun/ Burger Press: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/sasquash-burger-… Charcoal: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/rockwood-lump-ch… Fire Pit: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/ss-yukon-backyar… Fire Starter Cubes: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/weber-wax-cubes/ Fire Starter Bundles: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/tumbleweed-fire-… Wood Pellets: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/traeger-signatur… Nitrile Gloves: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/nitrile-gloves/ Cotton Glove Liners: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/cotton-glove-lin… No Cut Gloves: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/no-cry-gloves/ Heat Resistant Gloves: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/heat-resistant-g… Rubberized Heat Resistant Gloves: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/insulated-bbq-pi… SPG Rub: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/spiceology-spg/ BBQ Rub: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/killer-hogs-hot-… BBQ Rub Gift Pack: www.thebarbecuelab.com/recommends/spiceology-ultim… 0:00 The late night prep 0:42 Choice grade brisket 1:04 Trimming Safety 2:00 How to trim a brisket 6:06 Strategy of the seasoning 6:41 Strategy of the cook 7:24 Seasoning the brisket 8:00 Brisket fat side up vs. down 8:42 Putting the brisket on the grill 9:03 The next morning 9:35 Morning brisket internal temp 10:32 Does beef tallow belong in the wrap? 11:32 How to wrap a brisket in butcher paper 12:24 Temperature during the wrap 13:09 Temperature probe into the flat 14:24 Wrapping brisket in cling wrap 15:51 How to know when a brisket is done 16:57 How to rest a brisket 17:35 Unwrapping the brisket after 7 hours of resting 19:04 Brisket internal temperature after 7 hours of rest 19:31 How to cut a brisket 19:48 How to separate a brisket point from the flat 20:11 How to slice a brisket flat 22:10 How to cut brisket point for burnt ends 22:44 Final thoughts 23:32 Burnt Ends B-roll 23:47 Bloopers


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