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Title:● damon + elena | "what do you feel, elena?" (wish #1)

Wish #1; dedicated to my sweet Maria:

Honey, although you haven't made a wishlist, I know for sure that you love Delena and that's why I made your Christmas present about them. :) I know that it's way too early to give presents but believe me, I have sooo many wishes to grant (99% videos -- crazy month ahead of me) that I don't think I'd have time to make another vid for you later... So I wanted to make sure you get my little present rather sooner than later. :) And I also wanted you to be the FIRST who I can surprise. I hope you know how much you mean to me. ♥ I'm so glad I met you more than a year ago on YouTube and we've been talking since then. :') You are like a treasure to me. I really hope we can meet someday in person. Love you, girl. ♥

So yeah, the new episode was a big disappointment for me... I mean the Delena scenes were cute but I expected something more... A bunch of spoilers said that there'd be a VERY hot scene between Damon&Elena (even hotter than their motel scene in 3x19) and it won't be interrupted... But they clearly lied to us because I don't think that dance was hotter than their make out in the motel and also, they were interrupted TWICE by Bonnie and Stefan. Seriously, WHY?! I was so devastated after watching the episode... But I've learned my lesson. From now on I won't believe any spoilers. They make me get excited and then BAMM. None of it happens. And I can f*ck myself for believing every words they said. -_-" Anyway, I loved the Stefan-Rebekah-Klaus dinner, Klaus was so hilarious, haha. :D Okay, enough of my rambling...

I really hope you'll like this video, my dearest sister. ♥ I worked really hard on it to make it as perfect as I could. And this song, OMG!!! I fell in love with it in the minute I heard it in the movie 'The Girl Next Door'. And I've wanted to use it for such a long time and I finally had the chance! It think this song was just written for them, the lyrics is sooo Delena! :') It fits them perfectly, that's why I wrote it on the screen. So that people who don't understand it, can read it. :D Happy Holidays in advance! ♥

Enjoy the video!

Note: Nancy Forner (editor of TVD) retweeted this video on 05.11.2012!!! *_* Thanks for everyone who tweeted my video to her! ♥

► Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
► Song: http://youtu.be/wGtYgb4c2j0
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