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Title:L1: Twerk Choreo by Indica Slow Motion

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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS because your level of perception is way above the average. Perhaps, you are reading this for the first time or after many times of watching this video. In any case that leads here to know what's behind the scene.

Your first reaction MUST be a sexual desire for this dancer. And that's totally fine since she is one of the sexiest women you may come across. If this woman does not inspire a sexual desire in you, please go to see your doctor immediately....LOL

For instance, we invite you to feel and reach that energy and glorify that moment. The more you stay there the more you will differentiate the sexual "desire" from the sexual energy. These are not the same the first one is just on the surface of the latter. Try to observe and see the different layers the sexual energy brings to you. Do not act, just keep observing and observing what happens in your body. Blood pressure will rise but keep observing and dive into any sensation you may feel. After a short period of time, you may be a witness to one of the biggest gifts Nature has given to us. You will not regret this experience and more than that will shape your entire life.

Unfortunately, we've been taught to repress sexual energy, which is our second biggest gift (after consciousness). In our view, that's one of the biggest mistakes. In doing so we become like zombies alive since we lose sensitivity to everything around us and the worst loss is the magic world that Nature has built for us.

Note that 99.9% of us will get stuck there and not advance to the next layers of perceptions:

The second layer of perception may vary depending on your current level of attention. You may see more details related to the face, body, etc. Maybe you will realize whether the music is nice or not. And I am telling you will be presently surprised that with each pass more details will appear. Not only on her but the surrounding background, things she's wearing, her soft moments, etc. Get as many details as you can as they will bring you closer to the next step.

L3:In the third layer of perception you may have gained a certain level of focus for a few minutes and your mind will kick in and force you to jump and do watch another video. Please DO NOT, stay in the moment you are and keep it as long as you can. Typically, we surrender the effort after 5s. That's the hardest part of all because our perceptions are fully controlled by our minds. The latter is quite a challenge to handle because jump from one though to another like a monkey...LO

-There are, at least, fourth, fifth, sixth and seven more layers of perception you can dig into. If you are interested. Just let me know in the comments below.

You may wonder! What the heck is all above important for me?

Well, it is quite simple. It is to help you to focus your attention. The latter is the key to opening many doors within yourself and discovering your most valuable gift. And that is the happiness within you.

Enjoy all, and each of these moments, if they were the last one of your life!

Recall that the main purpose of this video is for you to retain firmly and from the bottom of your heart whatever sensation these images can bring to you. Breath deeply and repeat this process several times. The more you do this the closer you will be to open yourself and enjoy the biggest gift you already have. Typically it is referred to as "happiness". The latter is a form of energy that cannot be pursued in any form or way; it just emerges from you, just when you are ready. That can happen at any moment and you will awake to LIVE for the second time. First, you were totally unconscious and that was at your birth.

That might bring you the best meditation ever.....!

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