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Title:Mezoma - KEVINO CHÜSI

SINGER- KEVINO CHÜSI COMPOSER- VISAYIECA CHÜSI RECORDED, MIXED AND MASTERED- CARMINA STUDIO, SHILLONG, MEGHALAYA. FILMED BY- SAN PRODUCTION MAKE UP- JOHNNY D’ASCOLI The song ‘Mezoma’ is an anthem written and composed by Shri. Visayieca Chüsi (Retd. Dy Director of Education Department) way back in 1979. The composer had moved to Kohima Town for pursuing higher education. It was during this time that he came across some of his fellow students who were reluctant and even shied away from acknowledging their nativity. The composer was taken aback and was deeply pained by their attitude. At that instant, he decided to compose a song that would inspire and motivate the younger future generations. He had a desire, to urge the people to never forget their roots or be ashamed of their identity that God has blessed upon them. This song reminds the student to march forward for the betterment of the village. 1.Mezoma idi Kiekeshü kide zivi ga! (Oh Mezoma, how beautiful is it to proclaim your name!) Jihova kha u ketsü rüna keziviu, (A beautiful village gifted to us by God.) Bu kemeyieu chüketuo la no tuoshülie. (To acclaim our land, you have to move onward.) Pu keyie shülie no rei ketho-u leya ro. (Spread the message if you believe in the truth.) (Chorus) Kephrünuoko pete sie Mezoma idi kielie. (All you students, lets proclaim Mezoma) Tuoshüliecie no rei n rünau khrieyaro (And move onward with the love for your village.) 2.Uphipfümia u rünau zhazhü kele la, (Our forefathers, for the welfare of the village) Mhakevi sedeshü mu mha kezha chü piezhü. Laid the foundation for good and achieving great things.) Puotei rüdikezhü ze di mha lelie moro. (With the ever changing times, be not weary but keep moving onward.) Süko pete jüta tuoü yie no tuoshüliecie. (Lest this beauty is lost.) 3.Kezeu no n rüna la n nounyü mo me? (Friend, do you not feel the responsibility?) No rei n rünau chü pezhalie nyüyaro (Do you not wish to contribute to the village?) N ketuo cha pete nu n hie chüzoliecie, (In all your ways, aim to strive,) Rüli tahie phicha puorei tuo kehieshülie. (Rest not, but take another step forward.) 4. N thuo miara tuoya rei n rüna-u za se, (Though you are away from home, proclaim your village.) N ketuo cha pete nu n dzü zie kruoi zodi ( In all your ways, brighten the mood) Mezoma idi kie keli sei zo voliecie ( Call out Mezoma and keep singing on.) Thedzü kouhie khunhie puo uko nei la zotuo. (Do not be discouraged, for one day we shall rejoice.)


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