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Title:MHRise - Allmother Narwa SnS in 11:53 (No Armor/Buddies)

An improvement of over three minutes compared to my previous video. This is due to me not carting twice, not fricking up the dragonator spin, and making the following strategy changes. According to Kiranico, Ibushi will always have 9,500 HP, and Allmother Narwa will always have 26,510 HP on solo hunts. This makes dango weakener completely useless. I also barely used windmill in my last video. Therefore, I changed windmill to metsu shoryugeki and ate for dango pyro instead of dango weakener. Metsu shoryugeki is a much stronger attack than windmill, especially when we counter an attack or a roar with it. We can even trigger the counter ourselves with large barrel bombs, which is why we eat for dango pyro since it upgrades large barrel bombs to mega barrel bombs. Dango polisher comes extra with dango pyro, but it is still nice to have since I am too lazy to use great whetfish. I also changed my weapon from Spiked Bat to Queen Rapier. The EFR of both of these weapons are pretty much the same. However, with Queen Rapier, we now get a chance to poison the monster at the cost of 10 blue sharpness compared to Spike Bat. Since we changed from windmill (7 sword hits) to metsu shoryugeki (0 sword hits), we don't have any problems with dropping to green sharpness. Finally, I tried to use might seeds and demon powder more frequently than last time. 20 more raw definitely help a lot here since we have very limited ways to increase our damage. This run isn't perfect. There are definitely some missed shoryugekis here and there. But overall I am quite happy with this time. I thought a 12:XX was going to be my goal. I certainly did not expect to crush it so easily! I believe sub 10 should be possible using dango heroics (adrenaline) strats. That will definitely not be easy. Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com/sky85sr #MHRise #SwordAndShield #SnS


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