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Title:Resin Ring Art - Typhoon Ring From my D&D Campaign!

Today we delve into the depths with some resin ring art! I have been playing in this D&D campaign for about 3 years now. One of the main features is these magic rings with primordial beings trapped inside. Since I am hell-bent on bringing fantasy worlds crashing into our own, I busted out some resin and got to casting! This resin ring art features swirls and splashes of the raging sea within and I LOVE it! Other D&D builds Sword of the depths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axs65... Make a crossbow at home! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZieS... -------------------------------------- Steps 00:00 Making A Mold 01:36 Casting The Ring 07:20 Wrapping The Ring 10:29 Final Result! 15:00 ---------------------------------------- Materials Sand Paper (120-5000grit) amzn.to/3xg8KGF Dragon Skin 10 Very Fast Platinum Silicone Cure 2 Pints Kit (2 lbs) amzn.to/2SIQkPX Epoxy Resin Pigment - 16 Colors Epoxy Resin Transparent Colorant, UV Resin Pigment amzn.to/2TmRuRC UV Resin Crystal Clear Hard Type amzn.to/2TxEkku UV Flashlight amzn.to/3yjGcfG 20 Gauge Jewelry Wire amzn.to/2TnEJWW BENECREAT 26-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Coil Wire, 197-Feet/66-Yard amzn.to/2Txxn2V FYI, as an Amazon Associate, I make $$ from these purchases! Just another way you can support the channel! ------------------------------------------------------------------- 🌳 Support and Contact! • Skill Tree Website: www.skilltree.how/ • Visit the Skill Tree Patreon: www.patreon.com/Skilltree • Buy Skill Tree Merchandise: www.redbubble.com/people/Kitcl3ver/shop?asc=u • Cl3ver's Twitter: twitter.com/Cl3ver1 • Cl3ver's Facebook: www.facebook.com/Skill-Tree-2195313010793202 • Skill Tree Discord: discord.gg/mPQjqS5 🌳 Skill Tree Mailing Address: Skill Tree 9 Cornerstone Square, Suite 335 Westford, MA 01886 -------------------------------------------------------------- 🌳 GOLDEN GORILLAS ($15) Jay S. (My King Kong Gorilla!!!!!!!!) Vortex Cody Gabel Eric Enerson Evan FitzGerald Jason Chapman Jeff Goguen Jonathon Brackin Rockin’ R’s Woodshop ZeOgre Bob Bobbington Jason Chapman SlvrGryphon Krystal Chace Tom Fogger Catherine Magnant James Ansell Heather&Ryan Do Stuff CROWDS Armond Wilson Krista Brandon Armentrout BlackKnight77 Theron Bolio Joey Bag of Doughnuts TRINE VÅBENØ The_Robot_Wolf Alarice the Rabbit River Strong Jose Cavazos Tom Egnaczyk Rachel Gerber 🌳 Diamond Orangutans ($10) Will Martinez Silinthar Corso Workshop Stephen Huber Thump3r Silent Warlock 🌳 Ruby Baboons ($5) TRINE VÅBENØ Juan Alonso Carol Preble Brandon Fullenkamp Steve Popp Dennis Fetter Viktor Chudo Dean Joseph Pecaro TheMicrobioDM 🌳 Emerald Lemur ($2) Caden McKay Elysia Fields Marienara Inverno Yadira Joshua Strait Zilyanna Inverno Yadira Elysia Fields Klaatu Arc bumblebum Bad Wolf --------------------------------------------------------------- All Gifs are from giphy.com All sounds are from epidemicsound.com


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