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Title:Nomadland: 4 Things They Got Wrong Plus a Whole Lot That is Great- a day in my nomad RV life

I am in the movie Nomadland - as an extra on the AZ set (January 2019). We were told to not share anything publicly until given the go ahead. I'm so happy to be able to share this experience with you! In this video I share the 4 things I think they got wrong plus a whole lot that is great. What an honor and privilege it was to have this experience and be a part of this fabulous movie. Filmed 02.24.2021 #rvlife #rving #boondocking #debradoesrvlife #keeponkeepingon #nomadland #nmdlnd #goldenglobes TO LEAVE A TIP FOR THIS VIDEO PayPal Contributions-paypal.me/DebraDickinson WATCH FOR NEXT VIDEO COMING UP - Nomadland and Creativity RV-My Reaction SPECIAL NOMADLAND DEALS! Use the discount code NOMADLAND to save 20% on Robert Witham's ebook, How to Be A Successful 21st Century Nomad, or online course, Nomad Lifestyle 101. - Nomad Lifestyle 101 online course - robertwitham.podia.com/?coupon=NOMADLAND - How To Be A Successful 21st Century Nomad ebook (PDF) - www.robertwitham.com/store/p/how-to-be-a-successfu… FROM THIS VIDEO My books are on my website, www.debradickinson.com/, and on Amazon - amzn.to/3sgLB3T A Rubber Christmas Tree? It Will Get Better. (S3.E33) - https://youtu.be/5glSPgYUvm0 Fancy Free Gets New Shoes after Off Road Driving (S3.E34) - https://youtu.be/WeVd4gBOQ0M Off Road vs Street Tires. Meet the BLM Host at Blythe/Midland CA LTVA. A Proper Thank You. (S3.E35) - https://youtu.be/iJr3oIDvIUU Camping Etiquette-Hilarious Theatrical Spoofs on How To Run Your Neighbors Off - https://youtu.be/JxlQ_eyAZLE My 2021 RTR Class on Camp Etiquette on HOWA, co-presented with Joni - https://youtu.be/aLgNi3xUfyo. Here is the condensed version on CRVL - https://youtu.be/9fVUeZCMjXI. 2017 RTR: Friends Old and New - https://youtu.be/4_EL0vl_6ks RESOURCES “Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century” by Jessica Bruder - amzn.to/3kebkay (My Amazon Affiliate Link) Jessica Bruder’s website - www.jessicabruder.com/nomadland-ii “Nomadland is a Real Human Story That’s Not Over Yet” by Esquire - www.esquire.com/entertainment/movies/a35538486/nom… “What Nomadland Gets Wrong About Gig Labor” - www.vulture.com/article/nomadland-amazon-warehouse… Official Nomadland photos courtesy of press.searchlightpictures.com/nomadland/ ADDITIONAL LINKS Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet - amzn.to/3qUy8hY Website-debradickinson.com/ YouTube-​debradickinson.tv/ Debra's Instagram-www.instagram.com/debradoesrvlife/ Bandit's Instagram-www.instagram.com/banditthenomadwonderdog/ Please be sure to Like, Subscribe, Ring the Bell, Share and Comment. THANK YOU! SEE YOU DOWN THE ROAD! TO SHOW SUPPORT - Please use the following: Patreon (Join the KOKO Fam today for as little as $1/month)-www.patreon.com/debradickinson Debra's Books (on Amazon, ebook & paperback)-amzn.to/31TuQzW Merchandise-teespring.com/stores/debradoesrvlife More products are coming soon. Email me with requests and please keep checking back. Thank you! Harvest Hosts (15% discount)-harvesthosts.refr.cc/debradickinson714 Use my referral link and you get a 15% discount! I get $15 and will pay it forward by using it to buy a host's product during my stay. I'll post the pic in a vid! WIN WIN! Amazon Affiliate Link (free to you)-amzn.to/3jM3KCK To use my affiliate link, simply place your items in your cart. Close that page or tab. Then come back and grab this link to checkout as normal. Thanks! Meanderings Magazine-robertwitham.com/meanderings/ Annual subscriptions are now available for this fabulous quarterly magazine. Check out my short story featured in each issue! Or, if you prefer, you can also get individual issues online or in print. Subscribe or order today! An Online Course for Nomads-robertwitham.podia.com/a/ba4kf Study at your own pace and learn everything you need to know on how to be a successful nomad. All segments and courses are constantly updated and new material is uploaded often. Doodly Video Affiliate Link-paykstrt.com/2073/53045 Do you like my whiteboard clips in my videos? Want to try your own? Use this link to sign up please. It cost you nothing extra and they pay me a slight commission for referring and using their product. Thanks! MUSIC by EPIDEMIC SOUND


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