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Title:Tenali Rama - तेनाली रामा - Ep 16 - 1st August, 2017

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Episode 16:
Krishnadevaraya is impressed with Tenali Rama's wit and humour and officially appoints him as Vijaynagara's jester. However, Tathacharya is unhappy with the decision but is forced to abide by the king's order. Delighted, Tenali gears up to appear in Krishnadevaraya's court.

About Tenali Rama:
The show traces the journey of a 20-year-old boy, Tenali Rama who dreams of becoming rich and famous but is too lazy to pursue his dreams. When Tenali gets forced into marriage and is compelled to earn a living, a revered saint asks him to go to the temple of the village and recite a specific mantra. Tenali does as he is told and Goddess Kali appears in front of Rama with a bowl of milk and bowl of curd asking him to pick one but Tenali ends up tasting both leaving Kali furious. Later, Tenali reasons out by explaining that what is the use of one without the other. Goddess Kali gets impressed by his wit and says he will become a Vaikatavi, a jesting poet in Krishnadevarayas court. Tenali Rama leaves for Hampi with a desire to become a part of Rayas court.  
This popular series narrates the journey of Tenali who solves cases with his timely wit and intelligence due to which he becomes very popular in the Kings court.

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