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Title:BIG WHIP (prod. Rxkz)

BIG WHIP by The C!rcle

Link For All platforms : https://linktr.ee/Thecirxle


Big whip big fit big hits that’s cap
I ain’t even close to where I wanna be just yet
Big dreams wanna bill it like goat
Need to put in the work I ain’t doing it halfway yet

Word to Tumi you can’t touch my energy
I’m protected and I’ll never be your enemy
Understand that you’re projecting and defensive
Probably blocking all your blessings can’t nobody get ahead of me
Cause I’ll stay in my own lane
Tryna pave me a new way
A new dawn a new day it’s a new life
(When I’m in that, when I’m in that)

Big whip big fit big hits that’s cap
I ain’t even close to where I wanna be just yet
Big dreams wanna bill it like goat
Need to put in the work I ain’t doing it halfway yet

AKA Keyz:

Making moves you don’t see me I don’t hear you; Charlie Chap
When u see me don’t get funny it ain’t cool don’t give me dap
Leave ‘em hanging like he bound by a bungee we ain’t friends
All my real ones all been down like my budget, no excess

Y’all keep talking all that we we we shit, this ain’t France
Plus I’m seeing through your weak weaknesses I’m callin cap
I ain’t gettin down with you real shit I’m Colin Kapernick
Imma hit the ground running, never fumble on my stance

Iron man - a nigga Downey for anything
Diamond dash my way up until them diamonds dance
Right before I go I’m tryna blow up like the taliba-ba-
Bang - I’m on some militant shit ‘bout gettin my bread up

Measure up like this ounce
I got nada in my account,
Savings or checkings I need to check on my credit score now
I need a check so it ain’t a problem to check no one now
So just keep it stepping and bounce just like a check my nigga,
you get me

Eaz Da Bully:

Feeling like I’m X,
bark on these bitches

Made it out these trenches
Cost me some interest

Feeling oh so stressed
Spark Up these spliffers

Get rid of the stigma but niggas can’t figure the difference,

I’m just

I’m just lowkey with this pokey ima go invade the map
I remember as a youngen moving out the Bando house
All them niggas talking crud but they do A lot of cap
Peaky blinder hide the blade on the inside of my cap

These niggas cappin at capacity
I’m capable with this calibre turn the industry to a tragedy,
Captivity, criminal activities i’m Capone with it
All of this smoke is the aroma of the cologne with it

Im a, nice guy I don’t wanna see your name inside a caption
RIP to all them rappers man they died from all the cappin
Hold them captive man they doing too nigga much that’s a mad ting
In the fields see I’m the striker I’m the captain

I figured it out
Stick to the vision, I’m sick of the doubt
We going big like the butt on the chick that I’m hitting
and pardon my french but she cum for the dick and she out
Pick out a verse that I did it’s the pick of the litter, remember just givin em out
For a little of guap
Now I ain’t clickin the pen until shit at the minimum I see a 0 after 0 after 0 after 1
Couple wierdos think that we don’t know they coming after son
Nigga please dont be a hero, I got niggas with some guns
And they shoot like Tyler Herro, you aint hear that shit from me tho
All my life I thought I’d blow like overnight or roll the dice and if I rolled them right I’d turn into a Forbes list candidate but candid life said boy you tripping, true success aint randomized
Take this seed and plant it right and analyze don’t fantacize
And I rise against whomever and whatever shall arise
Big on big got big shit popping think of this as sample size
And these niggas still can’t touch me like they didn’t sanitize
Best believe that bitch I’m grinding till my fuckin candle light

Performed by:
Nadine (@nadineelroubi)
AKA Keyz (@akakeyzz)
Eaz Da Bully (@eazdabully)
G-SALIH (@therealgsalih)

Produced by:

Mix & Master:
AKA Keyz

Cover Art:
Nadine El Roubi


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