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Title:Old Honda G150 Engine Restoration [Part 1 and 2]

If you have already seen part 1 or 2 skip this video. This is for new viewers who did not see part 1 or 2. This is a Honda G150 that I got from the metal recycling yard along with the Compressor head that I did recently. This engine took a real beating in its past life, Hopefully, I can save it and give it some more life. If not at least give it a beautiful funeral. I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any suggestions for improvement, or compliments share them below! Please leave a like if you did like the video, please subscribe and feel free to comment your thoughts and as always thank you for watching. Members Credit. Ray Wood (New member, Thank you Ray) Karin Wallace Michael Kelleher Random Projects Tube WILD35 KSM Thank you all for your support! I appreciate all of you! Link to NEJE's website if you would like to poke around. neje.shop/ Link for becoming a channel member. (less than 2 dollars) youtube.com/channel/UCkkj8VTmpWTU431qYX4_Svg/join More info on the engine in general. Japan’s economy rapidly expanded throughout the 1960s period of high economic growth. Development of the country’s domestic infrastructure saw steady growth, while people’s lifestyles also greatly improved. By the 1970s Honda was setting its sights on markets outside Japan. Honda had been exporting its power products since 1963. However, it was now beginning to formulate plans for what it called a ‘Million-Seller Engine’ (ME) for the international general-purpose engine market, which then totaled around 10 million units. With an annual production output of about 200,000 units, Honda was now planning to achieve annual sales of a million or more. At the time, American-made general-purpose engines accounted for approximately 80% of the global market. These engines took advantage of the merits of mass production to sell at low prices. Yet problems persisted in terms of durability and maintenance. Then, in 1977, Honda released its G150/200 general-purpose engine, the first developed under the new ME concept. The G150/200 incorporated new materials and new designs. With features like an automatic shutoff function for when oil volume was too low, a maintenance-free CDI ignition, a decompression cam for easier starts, and a kill switch for quick stops in emergencies, this engine successfully overcame virtually all of the weak points that plagued mainstream engines. The G150/200 soon won a highly favorable reputation throughout Southeast Asia, where it became known as the red-and-white engine that steadily sold even when not displayed in the storefront, and found use in a wide variety of applications, including as an outboard motor and for powering pumps. The engines developed under the ME concept eventually became a full lineup, and finally achieved the goal of a million units in annual sales by 1982. While this was only a tenth of the global market, it successfully showed the world Honda’s superior technological capabilities and vision. Next on the horizon for Honda were lawnmowers for the US market. First, local needs were thoroughly investigated with detailed field surveys. Technology teamed up with novel ideas to overcome problems and succeeded in creating a new line of high-quality products that offered excellent durability and ease of use. Honda’s hallmarks of quality were now extending to the United States.


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