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Title:Светлана Тихановская: разговор в ЦИКе, жизнь в Литве, ультиматум Лукашенко // А поговорить?..

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in an exclusive interview with Irina Shikhman spoke about the latest events in Belarus, protests in Belarus, Lukashenka's siloviki and her ultimatum to Lukashenko
00:00 - Svetlana Tikhanovskaya - guest "A pogovorit?"
03:31 - Her reaction to being included in the interstate wanted list
04:45 - Her life with children in Lithuania
08:27 - About civic thinking in Belarus
11:48 - On the round table in the KGB pre-trial detention center and humiliation for Lukashenko
14:41 - About the details of the conversation with her husband from the SIZO
18:44 - About meeting her husband
21:55 - About life after the elections
27:33 - On the real political situation in Belarus
34:58 - About the conversation in the CEC
41:49 - How did Svetlana know that her husband was detained?
44:17 - About the realization that they will come for everyone
47:37 - About the export of children abroad
50:11 - About the day of the unification of headquarters
53:18 - On the night before the elections
54:40 - About the worst cases of violence by the authorities
56:56 - About the feeling "I arranged it all"
1:01:12 - About a call from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada
1:03:29 - About emotional videos and supporting people
1:05:50 - About changing the image and who is working on it
1:08:03 - About communication with top officials of European countries
1:11:07 - About ultimatum to Lukashenko
1:14:18 - Why do officials and security officials support Lukashenko
1:16:51 - On the lack of a result of a peaceful protest
1:20:00 - About the future if the ultimatum does not bring results
1:21:11 - About life with her husband after such significant changes in their lives

Irina Shikhman conducts exclusive interviews with the most unexpected guests! A pogovorit? ..

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