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Title:【纯享】肖战张韶涵飚高音《呐喊》嗨到爆 结尾太飒了! 《我们的歌》EP10 [东方卫视官方HD]

# 东方 卫视 # 我们 的 歌 # 中国 梦 之 声 # 费玉清 # 李克勤 # 任贤齐 # 罗琦 # 许魏洲 #Modern​ Brother Liu Yuning # 周 深 # 小鬼 王琳凯 # 那英 # 周华健 # 蔡健雅 # 黄凯芹 # 肖战 # 阿 云 Ga # 李紫婷# 蒋 一 qiao Dongfang Satellite TV based on the perception of the trend of Chinese music trends, and created a new generation of intergenerational tide sound competition variety-"The Voice of Chinese Dreams, Our Songs". "Our Song" launches a new program mode, allowing role models and new singers to perform together on the same stage to promote the Chinese music scene across generations and towards new life, and to inherit and innovate Chinese music. The top new-generation singers in the music industry and a number of classic role models who have contributed countless classics to the Chinese music industry joined the show, and together they created and adapted golden songs to complete this inter-generational tide competition.

"Our Song" Full Version: http://bit.ly/2BDPk3t
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The Next II Ultra-Clear Full Version of Battle for Teana: http://bit.ly/2DErJDe
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[Pure Enjoyment] Xiao Zhan and Zhang Shaohan's "That Team" performed "Scream" with a new arranger. The shocking drum beats a different work "Our Song" EP10 20200105 [Oriental Satellite TV HD]

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