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Title:⚫Построили Удивительный ДОМ с Начинкой не Как у Всех | От и До на собственном опыте

Dreaming of your own HOUSE? Then this video is for you! -Here we will clearly and in detail show the entire construction process from the project to the complete arrangement. - Let's analyze the mistakes that we made in the process and show how we fixed them. - Let's show successful experimental solutions. - We will share real, practical construction experience. - Let's calculate the cost of building a house on your own. - We will draw conclusions on the energy efficiency of the house and share the real experience of living. --------- CHAPTERS --------- 00:00 ►How to build a HOUSE not like everyone's with your own hands? Start 00: 54►PREHISTORY OF CONSTRUCTION 01: 20►Selecting a DESIGN for the HOUSE 02: 15►Selecting a LOCATION 03: 23►REMOVAL OF AN OLD HOUSE USEFULLY 05: 01►PROJECT for home 06: 53► Ribbon FOUNDATION 09: 16►Aerated concrete WALL 10: 02► WARM FLOOR 11: 17►FRAME WALLS 13: 45► 14: 32►Burned Wooden Facade 18: 34► DOOR with two-point drain 21: 26►WOODEN TERRACE 25: 13►Effective INSULATION 26: 03► GYPSUMCARDBOARD on a wooden frame 26: 52►CLEANING FLOORS 29: 05►Original homemade WINDOWS 32: 20► ENGINEERING SYSTEMS Miniature boiler room 33: 24► WATER SUPPLY and SEWERAGE 34: 09►ELECTRIC 35: 22►VENTILATION 37: 36►HEATING 39: 16► FIREPLACE as a backup heat source 42: 32►Miniature BATHROOM 46: 06►NOVELYE 47: 04►Creative arrangement of CHILDREN'S BEDROOMS 53: 23► FUNERAL DREAM BEDROOM 56: 42►Bathroom 57: 43► CORRIDORS and SECOND LIGHT 01: 00: 49► Recreation area SOFA Do-it-yourself 01: 03: 04►Homemade DOORS 01: 06: 11► Arrangement of the ENTRANCE GROUP 01: 07: 10► BASEMENT arrangement 01: 13: 20►KITCHEN 01: 20: 55► OFFICE 01: 21: 45►Open LIVING ROOM 01: 26: 20► ENERGY EFFICIENCY OF THE HOUSE 01: 28: 28►PLOSES and CONS of Frame House 01: 36: 37►Our ERRORS and SUCCESSFUL EXPERIMENTS 01: 42: 03► CONSTRUCTION COST 01: 43: 17► CONCLUSION CONCLUSIONS 01: 44: 08►FRAME PRICE ►We recommend watching a similar movie about the construction of a small budget house made of aerated concrete: "How to Build a Cheap HOUSE in -17k. Build Your Own Hands From and To": https://youtu.be/pzxqegxzbuA ►How to make a "FENCE NOT LIKE ALL" with your own hands - playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch? ►How to Build a Yacht with Your Own Hands in your backyard: https://youtu.be/Q_ZN0gX0AgE Hi. We are a happy young couple, Gena and Vita. We like to equip life around us with our own hands. This is how we realize ourselves as much as possible and set an excellent example for our children. Upon completion of construction and home improvement, we dream of building a homemade sailing yacht and traveling around the world on it. We enjoy creating videos and try to make them useful. Therefore, we will improve ourselves and continue to further develop this channel. If you support family values ​​and love to create with your own hands, welcome to our family "MY GALAXY" The project of our house is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZDFt... After switching to the Google drive, the download button at the top right, the DWG file is a 3D model of the house that I drew in AutoCAD, it is also most convenient to work with it in it. The project is laid out as an introduction, but it can be used as a real example, before assembling the frame, I recommend everyone to study the book (Individual House "Platform", Design and Construction Guide) and of course everyone can change something, modify something in the project guided by their own logic. In the project itself, the jibs are not indicated and perhaps all the racks in the corners of the windows are not shown, as well as some elements we modified right during the construction process. So blindly following our project is not worth it.


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