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Title:The Ultimate Nursery Rhymes Video (1992 | UK | VHS) (HD | 1080p | Wide)

MP3 (Audio | 194MB): http://www.mediafire.com/file/24h5mxr...
MP4 (480p | 753MB): http://www.mediafire.com/file/z5gvlab...
MP4 (1080p | 1.51GB): http://www.mediafire.com/file/l3f2ntw...

Purpose of this upload: the main purpose of this upload is to keep an uploaded (and public archive) video of this very rare vhs tape from 1992. Many videos like this have now become uncommon or obsolete to time (almost disappearing), due to technology moving away from older formats (from vhs into mp4) and with nobody converting or saving this kind of video online.

The cartoon is from united kingdom. It has a poetic, has a jazzy melody with a very a.s.m.r. and a trippy or psychedelic kind of feeling... like "the beatles" kind of music video (good for background music). Even as an adult watching it more than 20+ years on, the flow and the show itself holds up really well. Even though it is 1h and 45min long, each song flows effortlessly into the next. I have always found something very rare and special within it. Not because I watched it as a child, but more so: you can see the team and the creators really put so much love into the show (not just because it is for children). It is very rare to see a show without an agenda, it is just having fun, is genuine and very pure (perhaps even blessed). The characters themselves feel very believable and real, and even break the fourth wall to speak to the children and the adults watching. It helps to validate a deeper part of the spirit each time. I hope it hits you in a good way, as it did with me (and still does to this day).

Stories create magic and a sense of wonder about the world. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others with openness and empathy. Storytelling is a unique way for people to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for one other. With their own inner world and with the person's outer world as well.

Even though this video may be different from what I normally upload, this is a video still for the purpose of healing people. This was my childhood, and is a very pure part of me (perhaps people who enjoy singing will like it also). Having been on youtube and facebook, and helped people with counseling (when I was age 18, to 27 years old today). I have seen a lot of people who were: suicidal, had borderline personality disorder (please research it), narcissistic, sociopathic, codependent, had trauma, anxiety, pride, denial, mistyped themselves, and had toxic behavior like blaming others or thinking they are perfect. More from the mind and ego, instead of spirit and the heart. I found in a lot of these cases... their inner child was hurt from trauma with parents (or from early life experiences). They didn't want to heal, to forgive others or themselves and to seek therapy. So it stayed inside them until it came out and into the light.

Many of those people are now in better places, and I am glad for it. I did it to help them, and they didn't pay me anything. I just wanted them to be feel loved, to be happy and free. Even though I do not do many videos anymore, I hope this video heals you and reminds you of the inner child. You can download the mp4 video or mp3 audio in the "description" section by clicking the arrow next to the video title.

I have waited so long to find this again. I have increased the sound and video quality of the original video into: stereo, 1080p, widescreen format and in mp4 video. As a kid I knew the show existed somewhere, but never finding what it was called... or if it was really possible to ever find the video again (until somebody uploaded it recently on youtube). I hope it blesses you and heals you in the same way it did for me as a child. God bless you.


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